Working Out and Not Losing Weight



You are in a fantasy of losing weight and achieving your desired body shape. You are doing everything to reach that goal but don’t get any concrete result. When you feel that, you are very close to your goal doing difficult workout session and run after this mirage for months after months. But you remain same as you were months before, is really depressing.


Hard workout session is not the only way to lose weight. There are some problems with the workouts. You need to give enough time to your body to be repaired. If you do not give your body muscle enough time then you will not achieve your fitness goal. Here are some reasons are given why you are not losing enough weight.


Not working hard enough


Many people go to the gym and do various workouts. But they don’t perform this workout with proper intensity. Some people walk on the treadmill reading magazines. They focus more on reading so that they forget about the workout. So they do it lightly.


Focusing on quantity not quality


Twice workout session will not bring any result if it is not a done effectively. Remember the more frequently you will perform your workouts the more quality of it will decrease. Many misunderstood that workouts for hours will quickly reduce the weight. But it brings an opposite result.


Not being serious about weight loss


If you workout against your will, then it becomes difficult to get desired body shape. The experts say that there is lots o basic difference between exercise and training. If you really plan to lose weight then you have to train yourself that is you need a well-planned program.


Losing weight aimlessly


Have ever asked yourself why you are trying to lose weight? No, that is another reason for not losing weight properly. Try to know what is motivating you to lose weight. Most of the time people quit on the midway because they actually don’t know what they want to achieve from the workout. The success lies in your consistency of training. So be consistent and try to understand your motivational factor to lose weight and stick accordingly.


Inadequate rest and sleep


In our modern time, we are living such a world where it never stops. The TV channels, the radio station, internet, phone everything keeps us busy every second. We forget to sleep while watching TV or browsing on the internet. Thus our days continue towards a never end. You may say that spending nights without sleeping is not problematic for you. Yes, the requirement of sleeping vary person to person but you need to have your minimum sleep per day. Because you are doing everything from diet to exercise but sleeping, disorder will make you gain weight.


So you may try to keep every stone unturned but some little mistakes are making you futile. So check these reasons whether they are behind your problem of not losing weight. If they are then sorted, these out and solve them.