Why is Fiber Good for Your Heart?



Dear reader, we have already learned so many things about fiber. As far as we know, it does multiple benefits for our body. So, today we will learn how it particularly does noteworthy benefits for our heart. You may know somehow fiber is a kind of indigestible carbohydrates chiefly found in plant foods. Fiber is generally two types, one is soluble and the other is insoluble. Both are equally important to be kept in our regular diet. In spite of having so many health benefits, it is also considered as a good fellow to keep our heart health functioning well.


Let’s See How it Works to Keep Your Heart Safe


Fiber mainly is categorized into two parts that we have already mentioned before. Both are very important for your health. Depending on the health benefits of the fiber, soluble fiber should get special attention from you. The root cause of specialty of soluble fiber is its key role to limit the absorption of cholesterol in your body. In spite of having, high cholesterol in your blood already can be remedied by increasing fiber intake. It helps in reducing your LDL cholesterol level, which is termed as a bad one. LDL cholesterol is bad for your heart health. It paves the way for various heart diseases. Fiber is also helpful in reducing triglycerides a kind of a fat that circulates in your blood. It may also harm your heart health. So to protect your body from these entire nuisances you can use potassium as your fellow from fiber-enriched foods. It helps you reduce health hazard like-blood pressure. So bring more fiber-enriched foods in your daily diet to keep your hearth safe for a long time.


How Much Fiber is Ideal to Keep Our Heart Health Safe?


Though fiber is useful in protecting and easing constipation, it is also a good fellow to keep your heart hassle-free. The ideal amount of fiber you need to keep your heart safe found by different studies is given below:


According to the institution of medicine- “It is ideal to have 38 grams of fiber daily for men and 25 grams for women whose ages are in between 50 or less than 50.On the other hand, who are already more than 50 years old should eat 30 and 21 respectively.”


The Mechanism of Fiber


In so many different ways, fiber can help us. Some of them discussed below-


Lowers Cholesterol


Eating soluble fiber-enriched foods can reduce the abortion of LDL cholesterol into your blood. Remember that, LDL cholesterol is a type of worst cholesterol in your blood can increase the risk of heart diseases gradually. It may be effective somewhat that, having 5-10 grams of soluble fiber daily can reduce the amount of cholesterol. So for your greater health benefits, have the foods having more fiber in them.


Decrease Blood Pressure


Fiber has the ability to keep your blood pressure down if it goes up so often. According to the researcher, to get blood pressure at normal range significantly, you need to continue the consumption of highly fiber-enriched foods for around 8 weeks.


In another study, it was shown that about 233 participants were given high-fiber diet that was full of whole oats and whole wheat. After 12 weeks, it was found out that these guys were not only able to have a drop of significant blood pressure, but also the pressure of pulse.


So to avoid such types of health hazard, you may go for lot more fiber in your diet.


Reduce the Probability of Diabetes and Stroke


Fiber has the ability to regulate glucose in your blood. Glucose is also known as blood sugar. Fiber helps to reduce the probability of diabetes. It helps to keep food stay for longer period of time in your stomach. As a result you feel full for longer so that you don’t have a rapid rise in your blood sugar after having a meal. Thus, the fiber may help you to escape this type disease.


“Having fiber-enriched whole grain instead of refined one may help you reduce the probability of stroke by up to 36% and that of type-2 diabetes by up to 30 %”-found in a research.


Weight Loss Weapon


We know that having so many weight often triggers various diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes etc. By continuing an eating lot more fiber-enriched foods may help you kill so many weight! That is why it is said sometimes that weapon is a kind of a weapon used against gaining so many weight. So, have enough fiber in your diet.


Most of the people used to think that fiber is only connected to the proper digestion procedures. But it has other benefits too. Researchers are still ongoing to discover how really it works in the human body. Therefore, to keep your heart health okay, you need to avoid something like smoking, excessive alcohol, excessive fat etc.