Which Type of Fat is Dangerous and Why



Every type of fat affects our health. Intensity of adverse effects of fats on human health depends on types of fat. Fats can be divided into two categories. One is subcutaneous fat and the other one is visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat usually gets amassed underneath the skin of several parts of human body, which can also be termed as visible fat. This fat has very rare adverse effects on our body. On the other hand, visceral fat is considered as the worst type of fat which remains completely unnoticed from outside. It is usually stored between internal organs of our body including pancreas, intestines and liver. Visceral fat can breed many life-threatening diseases if it is not kept at a tolerable level. That’s why it’s often termed as hidden killer.


Reasons for Visceral Fat being Dangerous


One of the main reasons to consider visceral fat as dangerous is its adverse effects on human health. In a number of ways, it can affect your health. Excessive visceral fat in your body can affect your overall body functioning. It has the ability to influence the activities of a number of hormones in your body. Your body system can collapse due to excessive amount of visceral fat.


Reasons behind Accumulation of Excessive Visceral Fat


There are so many factors that are directly or indirectly responsible for developing the visceral fat excessively in your body. Not following a balanced or nutritional diet can be one of the major reasons that may cause visceral fat gain in your body. The foods which are highly processed with sugar, preservatives and artificial flavor are responsible for visceral fat gain in the body. Drinking alcohol in large quantity can also cause you to gain some visceral fat. The other reasons associated with visceral fat gain include lack of physical exercise, release of too much stress hormones, sleeping disorder or inadequate sleep, etc.


Level of Visceral Fat to be considered as Dangerous Level


It’s possible to assess the level of visceral fat accumulated around the internal parts of your body and determine whether or not it’s at dangerous level. You can calculate your visceral fat level in a number of ways including machine test, measuring waist size, waist to hip ratio, etc. Machine test needs to be done in a lab.


In waist to hip ratio, you can figure out the ratio by dividing your waist size by your hip size. If it’s more than .90 in case of men and .85 in case women then the amount of visceral fat is considered to be high.


As regards measuring waist size, it’s better to keep waist size less than 37 for men and 31.5 for women. However, if the waist size is larger than 40 for men and nearly 35 for women then, it is considered as obese.


Effects of Excessive Visceral Fat on Health


Affecting Heart Health


Excessive visceral fat may damage heart health. It can cause inflammatory cytokines, which are the worst things that usually cause heart disease. High level of visceral fat is linked with increase in some other inflammatory complexities as well. It can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease indicators. You may experience high triglycerides, high cholesterol and high blood pressure due to having excessive visceral fat.


Troubling Insulin Hormone


Visceral fat can be troublesome for a proper hormonal functions of your body. It may have the ability to resist the regularity of insulin hormone in your body. As a result, chances of developing diabetes become strong.


Causing Inflammation of Your Body


Excessive visceral fat may cause too much of body inflammation. Visceral fat is responsible for creating inflammatory marker what usually circulates in your bloodstream. If it is not monitored then it may cause some cancers to develop as well.


Causing Hormonal Complexities


Having excessive visceral fat creates hormonal irregularities. It can cause production of high level of insulin and inadequate testosterone in men and women. It can cause development of leptin hormone resistance.


Causing Breast Cancer to Develop


Due to having excessive visceral fat, women have more chances to develop breast cancer. It is found in several studies that visceral fat is responsible for higher risks of creating breast cancer among women.




There are strong chances of developing a disease like- Alzheimer’s due to having excessive visceral fat. There are also chances of developing disease like dementia.