What is Obesity?





Obesity is one of the negative impacts of modern civilization. Nowadays it is one of the most discussed health issues around the world. Most of the major diseases of recent years are directly or indirectly caused by obesity. No matter how in the coming years it will adversely affect the human lives. If you take a look at the world statistics of obesity, it will terrify you undoubtedly.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of obese people has been doubled since 1980. Even the percentage of obese people has grown up to the 39% of the world population which were only 13% in the year 2014. Now you can realize that how scary the situation is.


Analyzing the reason for obesity you will not find any single reason that is solely responsible for it. Then, how will we blame any particular fact? In this regard, we can blame our modern lifestyle. Some of you may get confused about thinking that how the lifestyle is incorporated into the issue. Certainly, lifestyle is very complex matter. This lifestyle makes this problem more complex.


Food adulteration, desk job, junk food, overeating, stress, lack of sleep, automation in household works, avoiding physical labor, having food quickly and what not, all these are the elements responsible for obesity.


Factors that influence the chances of obesity


  • Genetic factors: It is more likely to be affected by obesity if your one or both parents carry obesity. So obesity is mainly caused by inheritance. Although a number of factors are there genetic factors work as a catalyst for being quick obese.
  • Internal body function: The internal function of the body differs from people to people. Hormonal activity and imbalance play vital role in gaining weight. A hormone named ghrelin trigger hunger and peptides that causes feelings of hunger. When the two hormones become imbalance the chances of obesity increases.
  • The way of life: Nowadays the way of life we lead is mostly responsible for the obesity. Physical inactivity, having quick foods, automated lifestyle, eating high-fat food low-calorie food etc make the weight gaining process easier.
  • Others factors: Lack of sleep, side effects of some medicine, Environment also influences of being affected by obesity.


Many of us have confusion regarding the state of which it is called obesity. Although, it is very usual to remain unknown among the common people for its complex calculation. There are certain criteria on which the state of overweight and obesity are determined.


To define obesity easily it necessarily refers to the condition of the body when extra fat is accumulated and this extra fat is harmful to your normal healthy life. If you want to specifically determine the obesity, you need to take help of Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is a tool that is accepted by World Health Organization to fix the state of overweight or obesity. According to the world health organization, a BMI value that is greater than 25 is considered as overweight and a value that is more than 30 are called obesity.


Another easy process to determine the obesity is measuring the circumference of the waist. Men with 94 cm and woman with 80 cm circumference of waist have many possibilities to develop obesity-related health problems.


You have already known the facts behind the obesity as I have mentioned about this earlier. In brief, the original reason for obesity is the imbalance between the calories consumed and calories are spent. This imbalance can occur in two ways. Such as-


  • Overeating
  • Lack of physical activity


People with the habit of overeating are irrespective regarding the food choice. They spent the whole day eating whatever they get near the hand. At the same time, there are some people who eat normally but are physically inactive. Both of these practices are responsible for it. Lack of physical movement causes obesity as well.


The consequences of obesity are widespread. It is related to various health problems. Primarily the obese people face problem such as breathlessness, increased sweating, feeling tired within a short period of time, join and back pain. In advance stage of obesity, people face severe problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, diabetes, asthma, cancer, gallstones, liver and kidney disease.


Treatment of obesity depends on the desire of affected people. As the obesity is caused by the lifestyle, so the treatments remain in the circle of lifestyle. It seems difficult to reduce obesity for many people. But if you determine once the process will be very easy.


The main formulae are spending more calories than you consume. When you eat something to try to know the food value or calories of that food. On the other hand, perform some physical exercises to burn more calories than you consume.


Few tips to follow to reduce obesity-


  • Eat a balanced diet. Try to avoid taking fat and sugar. Increase the quality of fiber-containing foods in your meal.
  • Increase physical movement. Perform some physical exercises for a certain period of time every day.
  • Ensure sound sleep. Proper sleep will lead the way to proper metabolism process and normal function of your body.


At the end, I can say there is no quick solution to obesity. To reduce obesity you have to be committed and determined. It will take time to get back your desire body structure. Have patient and stick to the process until achieving your goal.