What Herbs are good for Weight Loss?



Keeping weight at an optimal level is always a dream for the dieter who is very serious about their health. But it is not quite easy to implement. It may take time and dedication to get implemented. Following a healthy planned diet along with some useful exercise definitely can help in losing weight. But sometimes the margin of weight loss is not that much overwhelming for the follower or dieters.


Here a cumulative force can work out together to a great extent. I mean, if you add some useful healthy herbal with dieting and workouts procedures may help the weight loss program be flexible.


But don’t think herbs as magic but see as playing an assistant role for the weight loss process.


Here, I would like to bring you a list of some useful herbs, which are well proven to gear up the weight loss program. I hope, these may come in use for you in losing weight and controlling your cravings.


These are likely-




One of the most useful herbs is Gymnema, which is widely considered to be very helpful in keeping our body balanced. In keeping a healthy weight, it also helps. For centuries, it has been used in different Ayurvedic medicine to treat a different type of body complexities of a human being. It has the reputation to balance blood sugar level in human body. It is also considered to be a helping hand to stop cravings for sugar as well as block the absorption power of sugar. For the reasons, it is considered to a significant contributor to less any one’s weight problem.




Iodine is thought as a good substance for losing weight highly found Kelp. So iodine in kelp can be a useful weapon to accelerate weight loss. Due to lack, enough iodine there may be a severe hypothyroidism, which is such a bad condition that help to gain weight. Moreover, kelp is also helpful in regulating thyroid function, which is helpful for weight loss as well.




Damiana has a multiple of health benefits for us. With so many benefits, it is also good as weight loss support. It is a shrub usually native to Mexico, West Indies and Central America.


It has a great effect on our digestive system. Hence, sometimes it may cause loose stools as well as a successive loss of water weight as well. In a study it is found that paring with other herbs, Damiana is helpful in delaying gastric emptying which usually makes your sense that you are still full which may take you for long period of time. Thus, it helps to control one’s abnormal weight gain.


Green Coffee Bean


You may think green coffee bean as a good assistant to give you healthy support in losing weight or stopping weight gaining. The useful compound called “chlorogenic acid” usually found in the green coffee bean is good for increasing the power of fat absorption as well as stop the power of weight gain. Though people used to think that caffeine in coffee usually help to lose weight, but in the green coffee bean, this benefit does not come from caffeine. That means, the weight loss benefit is not the result of caffeine, which found in the green coffee bean.


In a study, it is found that who take the supplement with green coffee bean lost nearly 17 lbs. on an average in a course of the 12-week period.


However, healthy diet and exercise are considered as a most effective weapon for keeping the weight balanced, yet adding some of the most effective herbs may add some specialty to this weight loss journey. Nonetheless, you may easily collect these type of herbs from your surroundings. Therefore, before going for any herbal; you don’t forget to consult with your doctor or dietitian.