Weight Loss Nutrition



A misconception is widely prevalent among us regarding weight loss that we all should avoid nutritional food for weight loss. But along with losing weight, you have to maintain a good health also. So you have to consume a minimum amount of nutrition. Weight loss does not mean underweight. So you have to maintain your weight taking some essential element of foods.


Some nutrition naturally helps losing weight. If you want to lose weight, you have to maintain a balanced diet. Otherwise, your weight loss goal will not be achieved. You have to coordinate the supporting activities of weight loss goal keeping basic requirements same. You may have experienced some eye catchy weight loss offering which claims to reduce your weight drastically. These weight loss programs provoke you but provide little output.    


You may want to know what is called good nutrition that supports weight loss. A balanced weight loss program is combined with three elements, sound nutrition, changes in behavior and physical activity. If one of these elements is missing, you cannot lose weight, as you want. Among these three elements, a balanced nutrition is most important. In this article, I would not focus on foods particularly. I will try to give a proper guideline about how a good nutrition diet should be to lose weight.


Some tips for nutritional weight loss program


  • If you are food lover then start monitoring eating habit. Keep track how much, where and in what mood you eat.
  • Count your calories. If you are taking 2000 calories, reduce it by 500-1000 calories. By reducing this amount of calories, you can decrease almost 2 pounds per week.
  • Use a food pyramid guide so that you can take every essential element of foods.
  • You will find a label in every pack of food. Read it carefully and try to understand nutritional facts. Don’t take sodium and carbohydrate content foods if you have heart disease.
  • When you are eating protein, check that it is from plant sources. Sometimes you can eat protein from lean meat. Be sure that you are eating less fat added meat. Keep in mind that white meat contains less fat than dark meat.
  • You have to consume almost 35 grams of fiber every day so include oat, legumes, barley, fruits and vegetables in your meal.
  • While eating ask yourself whether you are eating excess or not. It will help you to resist overeating.
  • Drink plenty of liquid. You must drink 8-10 glass water every day. But avoid taking alcohol as it provides extra calories.


When you ensure all the tips mentioned above you will have some output that promotes weight loss.


  • Blood pressure in control.
  • Better control over blood glucose.
  • Cholesterol level remains in check.
  • Improvement of metabolism
  • Increase of energy
  • Sound digestion system


Food habit is an essential part of weight loss program. But it has to be in balance. If it goes out of the line then it is difficult to control and take it back to the right condition. To ensure balanced nutrition to have a swift weight loss process.