It doesn’t matter whatever the weather is, a treadmill will definitely offer you the diversity of workouts like walking, jogging or running at home or gym. It is a home-based equipment though, but you can find it in every gym. It is a basic gym equipment for warming up, that is why everyone has to start his or her beginning stage with it. At the same time, it is very easy to operate. You do not need to put too much effort into it. It is so flexible that anyone can adapt it according to their own comfort level.


You can start your workout walking on it slowly and gradually increase your pace. Then run for certain time. Treadmill helps you engaging whole body to perform the workout. So it does not create any pressure on any particular part of your body.


In the beginning, if you get tired too early, take a break, and then start again. Ask your trainer regarding the time, the pace you should maintain on it. Over the time, you can increase speed level as it offers you different speed mode. Some device has an option to count heart rate and some have an advanced option like “Steep” to make it more challenging. The steep option makes you feel like climbing up a hill.


Some Basics Techniques for Treadmill


Warm up for sometimes


Riding on a treadmill you should not start work out in full swing at the beginning. If you do that, you may injure yourself. Do some work out activity to send a message to your body that you are going to start the workout.


Observe your position


On a treadmill, a monitor shows your body position. It will make you aware of the harmful body position. Keep observing whether you are going right or wrong.


Take rest


To do better improvement in weight in loss process, don’t try work out incessantly. You must take a few intervals to restore some energy and restart with full swing.


Don’t stop jogging suddenly


When you perform jogging your heart rate, remain at maximum level. So try to calm down slowly. If you jog on an automated machine then the machine will cool down automatically. But for the manual machine, you have to calm down gradually.


Maintain etiquette


Don’t spend much time than you are given. If there is a long queue waiting for the machine don’t hold it for the longer period. Don’t talk loudly, maintain proper manner, and dress politely. So that others are not attracted to you. Last but not the least switch off or keep the electronic device in silent mode. 


Calories Burnt:


When you walk on a treadmill, you can burn 300-400 calories per hour. If you are not satisfied with the number of calories burnt by walking, then try running. Running on a treadmill can burn 600-1200 calories per hour. 




  1. In many treadmills, there is a safety device, which you must clip into your cloth. At the time of falling off or losing balance, this safety device will automatically switch the treadmill off. So make sure that you have put the safety device into your cloth before starting the workout on it.
  2. You will find a handrail in front of or beside you. Do not walk or run holding the handrails. Because it is given to hold at the time of changing any settings or losing balance.
  3. Although a treadmill has no side effect, some people may find it uncomfortable especially those who have joints or back pain. If you are one of those, then find another machine as per your comfort level.