Top Sports to Lose Weight



How to lose weight is a very concerning issue in today’s world for most of the overweight people. Most of them often dream of having an athletic figure what can make them more confident than before. But it is too tough to do all of a sudden. You need to be more perseverance and hardworking to achieve this goal. You cannot leave it mid-way through the journey. You are to consistently stick to it until the success come. You may know that, an athlete needs to burn huge calorie doing exercises in the field and off the field to keep his/her physique strong and in well-shaped. So to lose your weight trough sporting, you need to more be more focused on achieving the success.


Therefore, playing different types of sports really work to help you burn a significant number of calories within an amazing time. Nonetheless, definitely, sports are thought as a great way to keep one ’s health sound and charming.


Let’s have a look how different types of sports help you to lose weight


Overweight often triggers different types of problems inside your body. So having unusually excessive weight can welcome different types of diseases into your body. To escape these types of health hazards sports can be a good solution for everyone.




Playing tennis can help you lot in losing your weight. You know that in playing tennis you need you can have very rare time to take rest. Every time you need to keep your body moving in tennis. From an hour of playing tennis, you may burn nearly 372 – 515 calories that will be very helpful to lose your weight. So start playing tennis today on to get your result.


Racquet Ball


Racquet ball is an indoor game usually played in a room either alone or with doubles. Because of its fat burning power, you can use it as your weight loss weapon. From an hour of racquet ball playing you can burn around 434-601 calories. So start playing it, if you do not start it yet.




Swimming is considered one of the very effective sports to keep your body and mind fresh. You can probably burn nearly 434- 653 calories from an hour of swimming. Besides other benefits, it is especially good for your cardiovascular activity. You can swim with using a variety of technics such as-butterfly, crawling, laps etc. So why are you taking so much time? Get go and take your admission to a swimming club immediately that help you lot in losing some weight.




There another remarkable weight loss or fat burning weapon is needs too much energy to perform. From an hour of good gymnastics, you can burn nearly 298-334 calories from your body fat. So to have a good result from gymnastic, stay with it.


Running & Jogging


With running and jogging regularly, you may be able to a boost to lose your extra weight. People of every age have the chance to run and jog at a particular time of the day to stay fit. Running helps to strengthen your body muscle while jogging is considered as a weapon to lose your weight, especially for the women.


Foot Ball


Playing football can comfort your health amazingly. Only playing football without having any other extreme exercises or going on any hardcore diet, you can definitely manage your extra calorie to burn. By strengthening your muscle and rising your stamina it can help you burn a huge number of calories. So start playing football to have athletics shape.


Basket Ball


Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world that you can adapt to help you lose weight. While playing basketball you need to maintain so many things such as-stretching jumping, foot working and keeping alert to cast the ball in the basket. You can burn approximately 496-687 calories from a full court play. Start playing basket immediately to help you lose your weight as soon as possible.


Skipping Rope


Getting back to your childhood or school leisure time where you may find yourself playing skipping rope with your friends. It was really full of joy. Yet you have the chance to get back there, though having not all the early friends available to you now. I am talking about skipping rope what can make you a bit nostalgic by calling your childhood scenario to your mind. By the way, it is not just a sport, and it has the ability to keep your body fit. By sticking to it you may be able to burn some calories. From an hour of skipping rope, you can burn 715 calories approximately. This types of the sport need your all body muscles to work such abs, arms, legs, thighs etc.


Having a diet control and going for different hardcore workouts or taking pills all these things are often thought of most popular weight loss solution to many. People who especially suffer from obesity or excessive fats problems are often seen to show their tendency for these types of solutions. But it may seem sometimes boring to you to do all these things accurately time to time. There are still many ways available that can help you to achieve your weight loss goal. Sports is thought as one of used to in playing different types of sports regularly may help you lose weight significantly. Sports like cycling, baseball, boxing, rowing, rugby etc. are very effective weight losing sports.