Stomach Balloon Weight Loss



For losing weight, many people take stomach balloon procedure. It is taken at last stage when other procedure does not work for losing weight. It is a simple process where a balloon is placed into the stomach and so that it occupied most of the place inside the stomach. It leads less food consumption so that you can reduce your weight.


Size of the balloon varies with the size of the stomach. Normally a stomach is 1.5L in volume. So the maximum size of a balloon may be 50% of total size of the balloon. The main purpose of placing balloon is to slow down the movement of foods and liquid. It makes you feel full with the small amount of food and you start losing weight.


People suitable for stomach balloon procedure


It is advance level of the procedure. So when another primary procedure is not effective then this procedure is applicable. It reduces the risk of surgical procedure for those who are not suitable for this. This procedure is applied to those who need to lose 10-30 kg. In terms of BMI rank people with 27 or greater are eligible for stomach balloon procedure.


Time for keeping balloon inside the stomach


It depends on the effectiveness of the procedure and rate of weight loss. Some people start losing weight very quickly but some needs long time to get the expected result. Normally people lose eight after 6-12 months of surgery. But if your doctor recommends then it can remain for a longer period but in this case, you have to change the balloon otherwise it may cause infection.


How much weight you can lose


It is important to have an idea about how much you can lose weight with stomach balloon. You can lose weight only then if you follow a prescribed guideline from your doctor. Normally a 100 kg person may lose 15-20 kg depending on his ability to follow the rules and regulation. After having this procedure, you cannot perform your normal activity for at least three days. You can start your normal activity as soon as you adjust with the device.


How stomach balloon is removed


The balloon is removed with an endoscopic camera. Your doctor will put a tube inside your stomach. Then the balloon will be deflated and grasped to get it out of the stomach.


Eating and drinking rules


After having surgery you have to be careful in normal eating and drinking habit. When you eat, try to do it with a small plate and in a small portion. It is always good no to have food being the full stomach. Start slow and chew foods properly so that your food can be digested properly. In the beginning, you may feel discomfort while eating food but at the time, you will feel comfortable.


Can weight regain after surgery


It is a complicated question. In reality, it is possible to gain more weight but the question how long it takes to regain. A research shows that people having stomach balloon procedure regain weight within five years.


Moreover, there is no food restriction after having this surgery but you have to be alert while traveling. Because this procedure needs to treat with an expertise hands though there is very low risk involved with it.