Protein Diet



Dietitians develop many diet plan for different purposes. Sometimes they prescribe many customized diet. They have to develop many diet plan analyzing the clients’ gender, age, sick history, health problem. If you want to lose weight, most of the time they suggest taking protein diet. Protein diet helps to feel you satisfy with a small amount of food. As result, you lose weight directly.


Protein diet needs some consideration as it is sensitive to some people. You have to be extra cautious while taking protein diet. It will boost your metabolism and promote weight loss. But it may cause some other negative effects also if it is not taken carefully.


Protein diet


High protein diet refers a meal that mainly contains protein-rich foods. Normally protein-rich diet is offered when you are on certain medication such as cancer, ulcer, etc. sometime you may prescribe to take it after a major surgery or sickness. When you eat protein-rich foods after an illness it starts to repair damaged tissues.


How protein diet promotes weight loss


When you eat protein-rich foods, you digestion system requires taking more effort to digest, metabolize it. Ultimately you burn more calories. At the same time, protein-rich foods take more time release from your stomach. So you stay full for a long time and you need less amount food.


In the study, it is found that people who increase 30% protein in their meal tend to eat 450 fewer calories per day. Protein-rich diet helps to lose fat, not muscle. The amino acids of protein build lean mass which is essential for making you more fit and attractive.


Protein-rich diet



  • Milk
  • Nonfat dry milk
  • Semi-hard cheese
  • Pudding
  • Plain yogurt
  • String cheese




  • Cooked Fish
  • Canned tuna
  • Chicken, turkey
  • Beef, lamb
  • Egg
  • Tofu
  • Dried beans, like kidney, navy, pinto
  • Hard-boiled egg
  • String cheese
  • Energy bars
  • Protein powder




  • Almond, sunflower, cashew, walnut
  • Peanut
  • Peanut butter
  • Roasted soy nuts


Health risk of protein diet


Solely protein-rich foods cause heart issues and cardiovascular disease. At the same time when you eat protein-based foods, your kidney becomes pressurized. Even it may cause kidney failure. Besides protein, rich diet is also a reason for so you have to combine your diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. It is not a problem to eat protein in every meal of the day. But it has to be in the desired amount. If you face any problematic situation then gradually increase protein in your meal


When you lose weight or belly fat, you need to do some workout. Performing workout damage your cells and tissues. Protein diet makes the necessary enzyme, hormone, and antibodies that recover your damaged cells and tissues. So keep an amount of protein that is essential for building and maintaining your fit body and losing your belly fat.


Protein Foods for Weight Loss


Protein is considered a secret weight loss weapon. So if you want to lose your weight as early as possible then you can bring protein-enriched foods in your daily diet. It has the ability to control your hunger or suppress the appetite which gradually leads you to lose some weight. We every diet plan has more or less protein in it. But, for losing you need to bring some more protein in your before taking protein therapy to lose weight you need to consult your doctor as well.


Protein Foods to Lose Weight


High protein foods are very effective in losing weight significantly. It has to do more work in digesting, metabolizing and using that means you are burning more calories processing them. It also takes much time to leave your stomach. As protein take much time to leave your stomach, it helps you feel full fast for the longer period of time. It has multiple numbers of benefits for you if you are longing for significant weight loss lose.


According to a study printed in Nutrition metabolism, “people who made an increase of protein intake up to 30 % in their diet ate around 450 fewer calories per day which resulted from a drop of almost 11 pounds over the 12-week long period. During the time they did not use any other weight loss tool.”


Protein-enriched d foods are effective in reducing fat other than losing any muscle. So stick with having enough protein-enriched foods in your diet for success in weight loss.


Protein Found Highly in Foods


You have to find out the potential sources of protein that have very low fats (saturated fat) and calorie. Such types some sources given below wherein you may find enough protein you need.


  1. You can also found some protein in Low-fat dairies.
  2. You can eat some eggs for getting protein support for your body.
  3. Eating enough Nuts and seeds can give you a protein boost also.
  4. You can have 5 grams of protein from one cup of cooked spinach.
  5. One cup of sundried tomatoes has nearly 6 grams protein boost.
  6. Guava is considered as the highest protein fruit that may give you more than 4 grams from a mere cup.
  7. From a single cup of peas, you can have 8 grams protein boost.
  8. As another important source of fiber, lentils provide 18 grams of protein from a single teacup.
  9. Lean meats are considered as a good source of protein that you can bring to your diet sometimes.
  10. Protein is also highly found in seafood.
  11. You can also have protein by eating Beans.
  12. 1-ounce almond provides almost 6-gram protein intake in your diet.
  13. Soya is also another big source of protein
  14. From 4 ounce of ostrich patty, you may have nearly 30 grams protein boost.
  15. 7 ounce of Greek yogurt can provide  20 grams of protein support also


Except for the above sources, there are also lot more sources available. Having protein intake regularly in your diet may help you maintain a smart weight control over the period of time.


In short, following only a protein-enriched foods alone you may not bring huge changes in losing your weight significantly. Along with eating protein-enriched foods, you need to use some other weight losing tools or weapons to get a special fuel in the journey to losing weight. Last but not the least, before taking every decision you don’t forget to consult a dietitian or a doctor.