Not Losing Weight



A few days back I was talking with a dietician to know the current situation of weight loss issue. To write this article I need to get some practical experience from such a person who is working on this issue for many years. As you know that people and their lifestyle are changing very rapidly. Even the problem does not stay at the same place; they are also being changed by surroundings.


I mainly tried to know characteristics of weight loss problem and the reason for not losing weight properly. The dietitian said many people ranging from 25-50 years old come to seek advice regarding the weight loss problem. According to the dietitian, many clients often allege that they are not getting the desired result. They say that they do everything as they are prescribed but there is something that hinders their weight loss process. Then the dietitian tries to find out the exact reason for it. As the reasons vary from people to people, identifying process requires some research. He identifies some fact that helps not to lose weight.


Eating wrong foods


If you are not losing weight as you desire then your dietician should peek at your kitchen. Your kitchen will tell the story of not losing weight. What you keep and what you do not keep will explain the lacking of your eating habit. Most of the people focus on calorie burning but ignore the source of calorie. In weight loss war, you win or lose in the battle of diet.


Indifferent to eating amount


Sometimes it is seen that you are eating right foods but you are indifferent the amount of food. It means you are eating excessively. If you consume more than you burn, the weight will never lose rather it can increase. On the other side, you cannot deprive yourself. You have to keep balance of your eating portion.


Doing excessive cardio


Of course, it is good to perform the cardio exercise to keep your heart healthy, increase metabolism and provide sweating. But doing cardio for a long time causes storing more fat in your body. It promotes appetite and unwanted snack eating.


You are too stressed


When you balance your diet and exercise your body become ready to reduce fat. But you need to give your body enough time to recover the energy after workouts. When you are too stressed, your body produces a hormone named cortisol. This hormone helps to store fat such area of your body where you don’t want.


Eating processed foods


These days we are more comfortable with fast food and processed foods. We can easily grab a pack of bread, crackers, chips and quickly satisfy our hunger. However, we don’t think twice that unhealthy foods increase inflammation. Therefore, our body loses the ability to reduce belly fat.


They are not all that creates an obstacle to losing weight process. Maybe you are not sleeping well, or eating too many nuts or dairy foods or sweeteners etc. sometimes some medication or drugs hinder weight loss efforts. Therefore, the reason may be anything, just observe your condition and try to find the right solution consulting your dietician.