No-Surgery Weight Loss



Weight loss procedure is not as simple as the notion of it exist among the people. Little knowledge often leads people to wrong way. Some people approach the toughest way of weight loss procedure. But some people seek easy options to avoid the strenuous and risky process of weight loss. Although the options are not a matter of individual choice, rather it depends on individual’s physical condition. Personally, I prefer no surgical option of losing weight.


No surgical weight loss process is much more customized than surgical options. As everyone is different from others in many aspects like eating habit, activity level, physical condition, age, gender and most importantly mental differences. For this reason, the “no surgical” options also differ from each other controlling eating and increasing activity level. But these principle is only applicable if ‘no surgical’ option is properly planned. Here I am discussing some no surgical option for losing weight.


High protein, low carbs diet


It is a good news for protein lovers. If you are one of them then you can maintain even lose weight by including protein-rich foods in your meal. There is diet, which is known as ketogenic; it contains less carb than protein. It is not recommended to make this type of diet of yourself. Because proper dieting knowledge is required to develop this diet plan. If the diet is not well developed then expected result may not come. So take advice from your dietician or doctor.


Role of medication


Some dietitians prescribe their clients to have supplements to reduce appetite. It does not directly reduce weight but it promotes less hunger so that you consume fewer calories. But you have to be careful in choosing supplements as you may have some side effects of this supplements.


Control stress level


Mental pressure or stress indirectly causes weight gain by promoting emotional eating. When you in emotion or in a mentally disturbed you lose your attention. In this particular time, most of the people transfer their focus to foods, which they like most. Eating satiating foods is responsible for adding some extra chunk of fat.


Medical supervision for weight loss


In this method, you have to go through a rigorous lifestyle change. For this change, you need to visit a bariatric practitioner each month. Your advisor will evaluate your progress and if necessary, he or she can make a change in your diet and exercise program and mostly your lifestyle. By following this guideline strictly, you can expect to lose some weight.


Options for no-surgical weight loss


A lot of option is there for no-surgical treatment for weight loss.


  • Obalon balloon
  • Intragastric balloon
  • Medical weight loss


Is No-surgical weight loss for everyone?


Surgical weight loss has many side effects due to its pre-surgical preparation and the complexity of its nature. But no-surgical weight loss option is much more safe and side effects less. Everyone can take this option according to his or her physical condition and comfort level. But you have to comply every guideline to get an effective and long-term weight loss solution.


Most of the people do not get their desired result as it seems less challenging to them. Therefore, they ignore it and go away from the prescribed lifestyle. As a result, all the efforts go in vain. To get a concrete output strictly follow the methods described here.