Make chart of what you are eating



There are various types of eating and food habits available around the world. What you used to eat in your geographical location, could be very odd in the other region or country. Diversity in food and eating habit is a common phenomenon. You can’t avoid this fact.


Food Habit substantially depends on the place where you live. The environment shapes the life and livelihood of the people of every region. People in crops based countries eat crops made foods. However, the country where grazing land is profuse for animals, people of that country eat meat made foods.


On the other hand, your culture and tradition tell you the process of making food. Although globalization has reduced the distance across the globe. People from one region can easily adapt the food habit from another region due to technological advancement. Even after this, your food habit carries your racial characteristics at the same time it carries your physical and mental characteristics. Whatever dishes you have, it controls your total lifestyle. So knowing the food values of every dishes you eat, is beneficial for you. If you have proper knowledge about every element in your dish, then it will be easy to count every calorie you consume.


So, it can be very hard to determine the right food for proper diet. Because you have to know about the food values of different food elements. To help you understand the different type of food elements and their consequences, I have made a list of knowing the food values of different food elements.


If you could be predetermined and make a chart of what you are eating, then it will lead you on the way to calculate the calorie intake and expenditure as a result. Knowing about the calorie budget is considered as the most important thing on the way to lose weight.



What is grain?

Food grains are one of the major sources of carbohydrates, which can produce plenty of energies/calories in the human body. Besides the different type of whole grain products, there are so many types of foods are manufactured from the food grain. Pasta, bread, noodles, cakes etc. are the examples of grain products. 

How much needed?

According to the suggestion of different health professionals, it recommended eating 6± ounces of grain on each day. A slice of bread, a quarter of large bagel can be equivalent to the one ounce of food grain.


While you are going to eat grain food, then you should keep in mind that whole grain is far better than refined grain products. Brown rice, whole wheat bread, cornmeal, oatmeal are some good examples of whole grain products.




What are fruits?

Fruits are considered as a kind of carbs, which can produce energies in the human body. It dissolves into calories as early as possible according to the nature of fruits. There are so many kinds of fruits available out there. These are likely- berries, citrus, melons etc.

How much needed?

One should consume 1.5 cups of fruits on each day. One cup of fruit more or less equivalent to a small apple, 30 grapes and a large standard size of a banana.


If you don’t like to eat fruits directly, then look for the alternative ways to consume fruits. You can drink 100% fruit juice instead of fruit syrup with added sugar.




What is a vegetable?

Vegetables are another source of carbohydrate, which can produce energies in the human body. Vegetable comes from the different kinds of plants. In most cases, it is colored as green, but there are also other colored vegetables also available out there. According to the color and nature, vegetables are categorized into following classes, likely-

  • Orange and red- Carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, red peppers, pumpkin etc.
  • Green or dark green- Romaine lettuce, broccoli, spinach, lady finger etc.
  • Starchy- Corn, green peas, and potatoes
  • Peas and beans- Pinto beans, split peas etc.

How much needed?

You have to consume 2.5 cups of vegetables on each day to stay fit around the body. One cup is more or less equivalent to the size of a standard baseball.


Never tend to stick to the certain type of veggies for a longer period of time. It can make you feel monotonous. Try to bring diversity in veggies, which can lead the way to balanced diet.




What is protein?

Protein is considered as the major elements of food which can produce plenty of energies in the human body and simultaneously contribute to building body muscle. There are significant numbers of sources available to consume protein. These are likely- Chicken, beef, lamb, goat, fish, egg, beans, peas, nuts, seeds etc.

How much needed?

For maintaining the standard value of protein consumption, a person can eat 5 ounces of protein on each day.


While eating protein, you need to know one very important thing. That is the lean protein; which can help you to trigger the metabolism process and build the body muscle. But, if the protein contains saturated fat alongside, then it could be awfully dangerous for marinating a fit body.



Dairy products

What is a dairy product?

Dairy products refer to the different type of milk and its products. Yogurt, cheese, soymilk, butter are the good examples of dairy products.

How much needed?

An adult person can consume 8 ounces of dairy products on each day.


When you are going to buy any kinds of dairy products, you should look for the low fat, fat-free or skimmed dairy products. That’s how you can stay safe from the dairy fats.