Make a Meal Plan



Diet plan


Meal planning is one of the important topics considering the weight loss issue. Whatever we used to eat will dissolve into calories after a certain period of time. The calorie is responsible to make the variation in weight gaining and losing process. So, we have to remember that making a healthy meal plan is the key to progress in weight loss process as well.


Simply, meal planning can be defined as a way to organize oneself for cooking the meal. It can be your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Meal planning is a very important issue which you have to determine and you should think of broader aspect before fixing it.


I mentioned the term broader aspect, because if you want to make a meal plan then you have made it to you shop at next time. Your objective of meal planning should control over the weight gaining in course of time.


You can make a meal plan for long term or short term approaches. If you feel that you can’t change the eating habit overnight and it will affect your digestion, then you should take approach thinking about the broader aspect.


On the other hand, if you are very goal oriented and want to shed your weight as early as possible, then it’s better to change your meal plan rapidly. There are few things and tips, which are incorporated into the proper making of the meal plan. These are likely-


1. Think about the number of meals you need to plan for


It is essential to predetermine the number of meals you are going to plan for. Depending on the size of your meal and number, make a budget for shopping.


2. Find out the recipes


When you are on the way to make a meal plan, you need to find out some attractive and soothing recipes to enhance the taste of ordinary food items.


3. Think about the timing


Timing is a very crucial thing to maintain regularly as we love to do various type of work on daily basis. So, to get rid of the mess in timing you have to predetermine the optimum timing for consuming your meal. If you can maintain this timing regularly, then it will keep the metabolism process faster and sharper.


4. Consider your food mood


Weather is one of the important catalysts for making changes in a food mood. It is very usual that what you love to eat in warm weather, will not soothing in cold weather as well. So, depending on the variation of mood and whether you can bring some changes in your meal plan. It will help you to stick to the process of losing weight.


5. Make a budget of groceries


There is an old saying that ‘Cut your coat, according to your cloth’. It signifies that you should know how to merge the supply and demand. This thing is also same in making a meal plan. You should make a budget for your groceries before shopping.


6. Make your own meal calendar


Sometime you may find it very boring and monotonous, while you are on the way to maintain your meal plan accordingly. To get a release of this monotony, you can make your own meal calendar, where you can bring changes at every weekend.


7. Bring diversity to your shop list


It is very necessary to bring changes in your shop list. This will lead you on the way to bring new things for eating. So, that is how you can stick to your meal plan for a longer period of time.


8. Cook your food with care


It would be more tasty and attractive if you can cook your food with proper care and affection. This will lean you on the way to make an interesting meal plan to follow.


Weight Loss Eating Plan


Weight loss eating plan is one which most of the people can’t follow for a long time. So mere an eating plan can’t is enough for an effective weight loss program. It has to be properly planned in such a way so that the follower can go with it for long period of time.


For making this plan easily achievable, you need to develop your meal with such items that you enjoy most at the same time boost your metabolism process. Here I develop an eating plan for losing weight successfully.


Go with berry


Want to cut calories? Simply eat the berry and shape your waistline within a few days. Berries are filled with antioxidants, which keeps your skin healthy. At the same time, it causes to feel you fully. Feeling full of the small amount of food is a primary condition for losing weight. It is enough to take a half cup of blueberries per week.


Power up with protein


Very few people don’t like eating protein-rich foods. It’s not only satiating but also reduces some extra chunk of fat from your body. The main fact of protein-rich food in weight loss is it takes additional effort to digest. This effort needs to spend lots of energy in the form of calorie. So eating plenty of protein-rich foods you ultimately burn lots calories. But dietician suggests eating protein-rich foods early in the breakfast. It will get enough time to digest across the day.


Avoid quick solution of hungry


Many people make mistakes when they are in hurry and need something to fix it quickly. Most of the time they grab some potato chips, French fries, oily snacks which give a temporary solution but ultimately helps you to gain weight. Instead of this junk foods take some healthy raw vegetables like carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes etc. another healthy choice of snack can a bowl of popcorn. However, don’t take a pack from the super market.


Some criteria for healthy meal


  • It is a common notion that fat and sugar is always bad. But remember your body requires every single nutrient for proper function.
  • Balance your food elements. Vegetables are good for losing weight but you should not avert from carb-rich foods. So always, maintain a balance among various foods.
  • Many people have a tendency of eating supplements. But you should take always natural sources of the vitamin. Yes, you can take a supplement if you need any rare nutrients that are not normally found in natural sources.
  • Have a variety of foods to avoid monotonous feeling. The more diversify foods you will take the easier it will be to stick to the eating plan.   


Some amazing foods for weight loss


Wholegrain, avocado, beef, cucumber, lamb, chickpea salad, citrus, yogurt, fruit salad, spinach, broccoli, black or green tea, corn, sesame crispbreads, chicken , peach smoothie, sardines, mushroom, capsicum, popcorn, high fiber muffin, blueberries, pistachio, oats, dates, tuna, etc.


Eating plan not only works for what you eat but also it is influenced by how and what you eat. So eat your meal at right time in small amount but frequently so that your metabolism remains well functioning.


Losing Weight by Eating Healthier


Losing weight by eating healthier foods is nice to hear but you need to be more focused on other subsequent parts of the plan to lose weight safely and significantly as well. For example- doing regular workouts, limiting calorie consumption and maintaining healthy meal timing. I mean, your overall lifestyle needs to be changed to get a perfect solution to losing weight. I am not telling that healthy food will not work up to the mark to help you lose weight. If you can continue with eating healthy foods on a regular basis, it definitely can give you a boost in losing weight.


Burning more Calories than Daily Consumption


If you are thinking to lose weight by eating healthier foods, you need to make an overall calorie deficit that comes from your regular foods intake. To lose weight how many calories you take daily and how many you really can burn is very important to know. By limiting your daily calorie intake and increasing your level of daily workouts, you may achieve it. By finding out healthy foods enriched with calories can help you maintain a healthier body.


Exactly how many calories are you to reduce your daily diet to have healthy weight loss? It is almost tough to fix the number of calories you are to reduce your daily foods intake. Because it usually depends on different factors like- your age, sex, height. I mean, on your overall physical condition.


According to a national heart, lung and blood institution- by reducing around 500-1000 number of calories from your daily calorie intake you can achieve a loss of 1-2 pounds in every week approximately.


Foods Permitted and Not Permitted for Healthy Weight Loss


It is said that to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight one you should eat healthier foods. But which foods are healthier and what is not we need to figure out them first. Here are few directions are given below for your better understanding what foods you are really to eat and what are not.


  • Instead of eating processed and fast foods, you should eat foods that come naturally. Eating foods that come naturally always great to help you maintain a healthy weight. Conversely, eating foods that are processed or fast foods are always enriched in calorie and full of bad fats as well what can increase your weight and bad cholesterol in your blood.
  • Going for eating fruits, whole grains, veggies instead of going for eating foods like-enriched in saturated fat, sugar, sodium and processed as these are full of all important nutrients our body demands. Moreover, health foods always possess healthy types of calories, proteins, carbs and fats.
  • You can also go for some sorts of nuts, fishes, or sees these are very helpful to give a healthy weight as well as to reduce the probability of various heart diseases
  • Avoid eating high carbs foods, because high carbs foods always help to increase your weight and it also increases the LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and belly fat but decreases the percentage of HDL cholesterol in human blood.
  • Eating unprocessed meat is considered good for human body. Meats from animals who are faded naturally are good for your health. For example-grass-fed cows, lamb etc.
  • Fish are considered a very healthy source of foods to give you both a healthy fat called Omega-3 and other nutrients as well. So to lose weight by eating heartier you can bring fish some kind of fatty fishes to your regular diet. Fish like salmon has a huge number of omega -3 fat.
  • The yellow part of eggs is considered as most nutritious and healthy for human body. So, you may bring it in your regular diet.
  • Eating different types of root vegetables like- potatoes, sweet potatoes are considered well to lose your weight if it is eaten moderately.
  • To keep a healthy weight loss you can use to in eating some sort of highly fat-enriched dairy cheese, butter, full-fat yogurt so on these are enriched in calcium and healthy fat. You can also find vitamin K-2 in the dairy of grass-fed cows, which is also good for health.


Still, there are lot more things to know whenever you try to lose weight by eating healthier foods. So, by putting the ideas mentioned above you can bring forth your success at healthy weight loss somewhat.


It is important to hold a track of daily calorie consumption to help you know the number of calories you are taking daily. Without making enough calorie deficit, it is almost impossible to reach your target goal. No matter how you make a caloric deficit in your daily intake, but you have to do it if you really wish to lose your weight. Doing some sorts of workouts from mild to medium like- cycling, swimming, walking, running so on can help you on your way to success.