Low Fat Diet



Fat has become has become buzzword which is mostly misunderstood. Many health-conscious people become frightened if they found any fat in their meal. Although fatty foods are the main culprit for boosting weight gain. So this article for those people who are anxious fatty foods. Remember if you strictly avoid fatty foods that also a reason for various health issues. So I don’t ask you to avoid fat added foods completely. Rather I would suggest lowering fat content in your meal. At the same time I would focus on how to make your diet low fat.


Fat you need everyday


Expert says that a person should get 20%-35% calories from fat. So if you eat 2000 calories you have to consume 44-77 grams of fat. It is not possible to count calories all the time. So I advise reading the level of every foods pack you buy from the shop. You will find a label on the product that shows you the nutrients content of that food. Another thing is, you will not get all necessary amount of fat from one or two fat foods. That’s why you have to eat a variety of low fat foods.


Tips for having low fat foods


Fat mostly contains meat so when you eat meat to ensure that it is lean and low fat meat. If you are fond of meat source then transfer your attention to other nonmeat protein sources including peas, tofu, yogurt, skim milk, low fat cheese, omega-3 fatty acid rich foods like salmon, walnut, and flax seed. 


  • Cut off fat from meat and remove the skin from chicken, duck and turkey.
  • You might be excited when the protein-rich soup is made at home. But be calm and have patience. Before eating this soup, keep it in the refrigerator for few minutes. Then remove the fat cover from the soup and then have it.
  •  If you like eating fried meat then leave it now. As fried meat is a reason for gaining weight. Try having baked, boiled or grilled meats as much as you can.
  • Would you like to have a little sour or spicy taste in your meal? If no, try it now. Add lemon juice, spices in your dishes instead of cheese, butter or cream made the sauce. Lemon juice and spices are natural fat burner that keeps your fat in check
  • The more the lemon is good for fat burning the more the sour cream is bad although both taste same. But you can try plain low-fat yogurt.


Low fat diet idea


Breakfast: Whole wheat, porridge made with milk, honey, raisin, fruit smoothie, lean bacon butty, muesli.


Lunch: Jacket potato with cottage cheese, vegetable soups, whole grain bread, sandwich, mustard, tuna, cucumber, baked beans, mashed banana, pasta tomato sauce and chicken pasta salad.


Evening meal: grilled fish, fish cakes, cottage pie made with minced beef, vegetable burger, risotto, chicken casserole.


Snacks: fresh, dried, frozen fruits, vegetable served with tomato salsa, popcorn, breadsticks, muffin toast with jam, honey etc., crispbread with cottage cheese.


When you are planning to eat low-fat diet foods always try to have boiled, baked or grilled foods. Don’t add butter, gravy or sauce. Drink plenty of water so that you feel full for long time and reduce weight.