Low Calorie Diet



If you have very urgent to lose weight, there are some quick weight loss diet that forcibly promotes weight loss. Low calorie diet is generally involved with low calorie soup, bar, porridge mixed with milk. Normally this diet is offered to those people who extremely obese and they need to reduce some weight immediately.


But there is certain fact that makes it essential for applying. Before going with low calorie diet just be sure that you know the facts. Because it has to be followed by medical prescription. The maximum time for following this diet is 12 weeks.


How much low is low calorie diet?


Low calorie diet refers a diet that contains maximum 800 calories per day. The amount of calories depends on some other factors. It offers far fewer calories than someone needs normally. It mostly contains liquid shakes, bars, soups instead of regular meals. That’s why it promotes weight loss rapidly.


When can you take low calorie diet?


Doctor suggest low calorie diet when a patient carries an excess risk of obesity. Particularly a person who has a score of 30 in BMI. But don’t follow any low calorie diet if you are not prescribed to do so.


Low calorie diet idea


  • The Cambridge diet plan


It is developed by Cambridge University in 1970 but launched in 1984. In this diet plan, a little amount of vitamins and nutrients are provided as soups, bars or brix. In the beginning, you have to consume 415-500 calories but after few days, you can increase calorie to 790 – 1000 calories. Another thing is you have to drink plenty of water to avoid the risk of dehydration.


  • The cabbage diet soup diet


It has very low fat but very high fiber. It is very low calorie diet that’s why you can eat plenty of it. If you want to lose weight immediately for an occasion like wedding or party then cabbage soup can serve your purpose perfectly.


  • Maple soup diet


It is a mix of maple syrup, cayenne pepper with lemonade. The concentration of the elements contains high amount of vitamin A. This diet stimulates blood flow and increase metabolism. There is no side effect of drinking excess of this syrup so you can eat as much as you want.


The health risk of low calorie diet


Low calorie diet has some potential side effects. So if you take this diet to lose weight quickly be in touch with your doctor. As I mentioned early, it has to be taken if you are suggested. You may face constipation, fatigue, and diarrhea. Though the problem starts improving within few days and it rarely resists patient to take this diet. Besides some serious side effects may occur such as gallstone. Although this effect is not seen to all. It particularly occurs to a woman. But there is some medicine that prevents forming gallstone at the time of losing weight. At the same time, it may cause heart problem, anemia, gout, losing lean muscle


Moreover, in short term, you can get some weight loss result but it is not suitable for long term. Now you can ask what to do for long-term benefit. For long-term benefit you need to develop a healthy eating habit and perform exercise regularly