Lose Weight with Lemon



Are you ready to go on the track of the weight loss program? Then nothing much to change but bring some few changes you’re in your lifestyle. Just keep improving your diet, becoming more physically active and updating your daily nutrients intake with some good friend’s like-fat-burning foods and fruits, teas, smoothies and supplement so on. This very healthy friend of you never let you go unimportant. Lemon or lemonade water is one of them.


Today I am going to explain the chemistry lemon and weight loss program. Here I will discuss you how lemons help us shed some extra weight.


Losing Weight with Lemon


As we know that lemons are full of vitamin-c and antioxidants, these are very helpful in good digestion and in protecting our liver. Not only that it also helpful in losing weight and good for other health support. Moreover, it contains diuretic characteristics that are helpful in detoxifying and promoting the fat burnings.it is a common intention often seen among the people that if they once make a decision to lose their weight, they try some extreme/hardcore workouts or diet usually follow at very beginning of the journey which could be highly restrictive. But to achieve such a set goal, it is absolutely unnecessary. If you can consume lemon in moderation along with following a balanced a nutritional intake may help you get that set goal. Keep trust in you.


In few studies, it is shown what goodness is there in a lemon or lemonade drinks below-


In a study printed in the journal of clinical biochemistry and nutrition in 2008 stated that-


“Lemons contain a plant chemical called ‘polyphenols’ that help in protecting the increase of fat in the body”


Since it was done on the animal, later on, it was also done on a human being to check whether it would remain the same or not. It also determined that what numbers of lemons would be required to this result.


Lemons have the just small amount of potassium where contains 49 mg averagely from the juice of a single lemon. Though it is very small portion than your daily need, it helps in metabolism and digestion remarkably. Just a juice of lemon contains almost a 25 percent of vitamin –C that we need daily that is very helpful for losing weight.


Use Lemon Water as a Substitute for Other Drinks


If you are already used to drinking some sorts drinks like- fruits punch, apple juice, cola, fizzy drinks etc. which are very high in calorie, then, you may switch to drinking lemon water, which would be more beneficial for weight loss program. These lemonade drinks can help you shorten your daily calorie intake. For example-


A 12 oz. Of regular cola contains nearly 136 calories, whereas the same amount of apple juice or fruits punch contains 192 calories. If are you comparing this types beverage to lemon water, you will discover that lemon water contains almost no calorie which can even help you save your calorie intake.


So sticking to in drinking lemonade water regularly, which may start saving remarkable calorie per month. Say if you replace a regular daily cola with a glass of 11-calorie lemonade water can save nearly 3500 calories per month causes losing almost a pound weight.


The Worst Thing About Lemon Water


Lemon water is considered one of the healthiest drink, as it is full of some health benefits and is also considered as a great source of vitamin-Despite being the safest one, it may sometimes be threatening for your teeth. As you know, lemon contains acids that even can eat away at your tooth enamel if you cannot use it properly. To protect your teeth from being attacked acid, you should drink lemon drink before going to brush your teeth. As a result throughout the whole night overnight bacteria will prevent your teeth from eating away at enamel. Try drinking from a straw and rinsing with baking soda to neutralize any acid that might be left on your teeth.


Nutritional Facts of a Glass of Lemon Drink


I have already mentioned the health benefits of lemon water earlier in this article. Here we can also look at the nutritional facts that come from a single glass of lemon water.


Check out what other benefits one cup of fresh lemon juice adds to a plain glass of water. Here are some lemon water nutrition facts:


The benefits that we can usually have a cup of fresh lemon juice is added to a plain glass of water given below-


  • No. of  cal 61
  • Amount of protein 3 gm
  • Amount of sugar 6 gm
  • Amount of fat 0 gm
  • Amount of vitamin C 112 mg (187 % DV)
  • Amount of  potassium 303 mg (9 % DV)
  • Amount of folate  31.7 micrograms (8 % DV)
  • Amount of vitamin B6  0.1 mg  (6 % DV)
  • Amount of  thiamin 0.1 mg (5 % DV)
  • Amount of copper 0.1 mg  (4 % DV)
  • Amount of fiber 1 gm (4 % DV)
  • Amount of magnesium 14.6 mg (4 % DV)
  • Amount of  vitamin-E  0.4 mg (2 % DV)




However, lemon water may sound like a mere simple drink, yet regular drinking of it may help you lose some pounds from your body. That is because it contains fiber like pectin usually found in fruits. Naturally, it helps you feel full for a long time that satiated you and let you eat less throughout the whole day. Apart from helping in shedding fat, lemon water also can be useful reducing in dehydration, which may result in things like fatigue, headaches and off mood. So if you are a regular drink of lemon water may help you stay hydrated and feel happy.