Lap Surgery



You may not be familiar with lap surgery. Laparoscopy may be more known to people. Lap surgery or laparoscopy is a surgical procedure by which doctors place a band at the upper part of the stomach so that the stomach can accommodate smaller amount of foods. The main purpose of this surgery is to make you feel full for lesser amount of food. The band can control the flow of foods through the intestine.


How it is done


Before starting the procedure, doctors apply anesthesia to make sure you don’t feel any pain during the procedure. This surgery gets done with a device called laparoscope in which a camera is attached. This camera enables doctors to see the inner part of the abdomen.


Your doctor will begin by making an incision in your abdomen. He will place a camera and use some devices to operate the surgery. Then he will put a band on the upper part of the stomach to separate the lower part. It is done to make a small and confined channel to the larger part of the stomach.


Why it is done


Some people do not get any result from dieting and exercise. Lap surgery may be suitable for them. It is not a solution that works fast. Rather, it works slowly but effectively. It mainly brings substantial changes in your eating behavior and overall lifestyle. You have to maintain a healthy diet and workout plan to make your weight loss effort work. People who drink alcohol must give up after having this surgery.


Risks Involved


After having the procedure, a person may experience some reactions. But, most of them are minor and can be minimized easily.


  • Allergy may occur to some people.
  • Some people may face breathing problem.
  • Blood loss can occur.
  • Some organs like lungs, bladder and surgery area may get infected.
  • Some people may experience stroke or heart attack.
  • Sometimes gastric band exhausts inside abdomen, which may cause infection.
  • You may have gastritis.
  • Sometimes access port goes upside down. Then you’ll essentially need another surgery to fix the issue.
  • Some people may tend to vomit.


Preparation for Surgery


You have to go through some tests before you undergo the surgery. This can reveal whether or not you’re physically fit for the surgery. You’ll need to do some blood tests. You’ll also need to get nutritional and mental counseling. Most importantly, if you are a smoker you’ll need to stop smoking few weeks before the surgery. If you do not stop smoking, it will hinder the recovery process.


Doings after the Surgery


After the surgery, you can go home and do normal activities within 24 hours. But you have to bring a little change in eating habit. Try to eat liquids or mushed up foods for at least 3-4 weeks. After this period, you can get back to your normal eating habit. The band is adjustable, so you can loosen or tighten it in accordance with advice from your doctor. In case you have problems with eating or you don’t lose weight as much as you expect, you can adjust the band with the consent of your doctor.


If your doctor recommends the surgery, you can expect to lose weight significantly by means of the surgery. The surgery also helps take care of other obesity related health issues like high level of cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma, etc.



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