How to Lose Body Fat



Are you tired of your body fat? Do you know how to lose body fat? If you don’t know how to lose body fat then I can help you regarding this issue. Before knowing how to lose body fat, we should have a brief idea about body fat. Body fat is the total mass of fat divided by total body mass. I want to inform you that body fat is divided into two parts. One is essential body fat and another is storage body fat. Essential body fat is important for the body. The percentage of essential body fat for the male is 2-5% and for female10-13% Storage body fat is also necessary for the body. Male and female stores body fat differently. Generally in male body fat is stored more around the abdomen. On the other hand, in female body fat is stored more around the buttocks and thighs.


However, body fat is necessary for the body, but excess body fat is not good at all. Two main reasons for excess body fat are the uncontrolled eating habit and lack of physical activities. The matter of hope is, if you follow the weight loss guide, body fat can vanish from your body. Weight loss guide includes proper diet plan and doing exercise regularly. If you know how to lose weight or weight loss process then you don’t need to worry. Just relax and follow a proper healthy diet plan and do exercise regularly. This practice will help you to reduce your body fat. People may advise you various ways to reduce body fat. But to achieve appropriate good result regarding body fat is nothing but to follow the basic guide to lose weight or weight loss. That means you have to change your food habit and to do proper exercise regularly.


Let’s have a look some steps that can help you to reduce body fat:


Eat low-calorie food and do exercise regularly


Try to select your food menu very carefully. To gain your purpose regarding weight loss, you should eat low-calorie food. Besides eating healthy low-calorie food, do exercise regularly. If you do not have sufficient, time to go gym then at least try to walk. Because walking is a great, exercise which can help you a lot to lose weight as well as body fat.


Cut down starchy foods


Eating low-calorie food does not mean that you have to stop to take carbohydrates. All you need to keep in mind that you have to cut down foods that are rich in the starch element. These starchy foods include rice, bread, potato etc. These provide heavy energy. As a result, your body energy storage increases and additional energy stores as fat. So if you cut down starchy foods then yourbody weight, as well as body fat, will reduce.


Change your lifestyle


If you are not aware of controlled and healthy lifestyle then you have to bring changes in your lifestyle. Bringing changes in lifestyle is not enough to reduce body weight or body fat. You should maintain this changed lifestyle.


Say no to sugar


Sugar is one of the vital obstacles to losing body fat. If you take excessive sugar, it will hamper your dream to lose body fat. Surplus sugar that is not necessary for body stores as body fat. So try to give up the excessive sweet eating habit.Try to eat sweet as less as possible. Instead of eating candy, cake, pastry, custard etc. you can eat fruits. Fruits are very good for health and provide low calorie.


Avoid soft drinks


Try to avoid soft drinks that contain high sugar. These drinks will never be able to satisfy you. At the end, you will store more fat from the carbohydrate provided by these drinks. As an alternative to soft drinks, you can drink fruit juice.


Drink enough water


One easy way to lose body fat is drinking enough water. If you drink enough water then your body will be able to metabolize fat properly. The more you drink water, the more you come close to fulfill your dream of losing weight. If you drink enough water, your body will lose fat in a better way.


Get enough sleep


Another easy way to lose body fat is enough sleeping. Try to sleep at least eight hours daily. If you can’t maintain proper sleeping time, your body will be stressful. An interesting fact is, as a defense mechanism stressful body stores more fat. So to lose body fat, try to sleep properly.


Do intense workout


The most effective way to burn fat is nothing but doing an intense workout.To reduce body fat intense workout is very important. To reduce body weight as well as body fat pushups, joggings, running on a treadmill, swimming and bicycle riding can be very helpful.