How Much Weight is Healthy to Lose?



How much weight is healthy that depends on some important factors like- height, weight, sex so on. Let’s see what is recommended by National Institute of health- “It is better aiming to shed 1-2 pounds a week which is considered the healthiest way to lose weight.” Say- Per pound contains 3500 calories, now divide that amount by 7 (since a week consists of 7 days) that means cutting out 500 calories every day. Along with a healthy diet, doing some exercises also need to burn this calorie safely. Hope that with the combination of both of them you get a perfectly healthy weight loss.


There are some steps these you need to follow to get a healthy weight loss.


Choosing a Healthy Weight Loss Plan


At first, you need to make a weight loss plan and follow it until you find anything to change with this. Because without a plan you will be confused and sometimes even make you crazy at all. Perhaps you may know that a successful weight loss program always consists of a healthy balanced diet having both an ideal calorie restriction and of course having physical workouts.


As far as weight loss is the concern so you need a plan for a suitable weight loss program that may not fully restrain you from the foods that you enjoy most. It should also have a support system that will observe what are you eating and how much you are burning through exercising. For this reasons, you should consult with a registered nutritionist to make one for you.


Moreover, a healthy weight loss should be inclusive like it should all types nutrients basically including lean proteins such as fish, beans, plenty of fruits, vegetables etc. along with protein a healthy weight loss program should also include whole grains such as –quinoa and oats etc and some healthy fats like –olive oil, avocado and of course a lot of pure drinking water.


If you can create, a nicer one that suits you much than think the task is already done half. The rest is just continuing with it.


The Time We Generally Start Losing Weight


Eating less and burning more this is the natural and simple formula we generally follow if it comes to weight loss, which is considered the best for short or long-term course of losing weight. Suppose, you burn more calorie than you eat you lose weight and the vice –verse.


On the other side, if you burn the same amount as you eat then your weight will remain same. Therefore, if you want to bring a revolutionary change to your weight then you may start burning more calories by exercising more and eating less amount of calorie than we usually consume. So to eat a fewer amount of calorie start finding smaller portions and foods these have a very lower amount of calorie.


Reduce Calorie Intake


To achieve a weight loss of nearly one to two pounds every week, you need to reduce at least 500 calories from your calorie intake per day. This can be possible in so many different ways like cutting away a big high caloric source or foods from your daily diet or you can also reduce calorie by choosing low-calorie foods often and also by reducing your portion sizes.


To give your imagination a real shape all you need is to reduce your calorie intake. Nearly 500 calories you need to burn every day to get that ultimate result. In so many different ways you can do it like cutting out a high caloric food from your regular diet, switching high calorie to low caloric foods or you can also do it by reducing your portion sizes etc.


Moreover, if you want to make it a bit faster than all you need to do is make a caloric deficit. But be careful about calorie intake that it should not be dropped less than 1050-1200 calories per day which are considered as a risky level. It is may be possible shedding minimum 3 pounds weekly and even more if you continue with an hour of moderate to highly intense exercises and having a calorie intake of around 1200 calories daily.


After all, you need to consult your doctor or an expert whatever diet or exercises you are going to start for to find it fruitful for you. For proper functioning, all we need is enough nutrients that our body needs to stay fit. Though you want to reduce your calorie intake, still you are ensuring that you are getting all nutrients your body requires.


Exercise More


Exercises are always effective to burn fat or lose weight safely. For rapid weight loss, you should go for something special, though the intensity of exercises depends on your original fitness level.


The American Guidelines for physical activity suggested that 2 hr and 30 min of moderate aerobic exercises or high intense exercises for 1 hr and 15 min weekly along with muscle strengthening activities around 2 or more day is required for fast but effective weight loss.


Be Active in Doing Daily Activities


It is frequently said that if you can just do your day-to-day activities physically what may give a boost in burning more calories. Instead of taking help of any transportation, try to walk more especially if it is something like walking distance than it is much unquestioned. All these efforts will add up benefits on your journey to losing weight at maximum.


What to Avoid


While you are on the journey to losing your weight, you should be very careful something which may seem like a roadblock on your way to achieving your goal. Sometime you may notice that there are lots of weight loss plans that often offering so many crash diets available where none is suitable for you. In many weight loss program, you may find out that is totally cutting out some of foods groups and recommending some extremely low-calorie foods, which can be even threatening for your body. We know that human body requires a certain amount of calories to do its normal functioning and needs a variety of vitamins and minerals for maintaining tissues, organs, cells and the nervous system as well.


If you are not aware, enough of taking foods, which are too low in calorie what may strike your weight loss program halfway. Having eaten too many low caloric foods along with burning fat you will also burn muscle very as well, which needed is workouts. As a result, your body starts to adapt to what it thinks starving and starts collecting calories as well. So it may start slowing down metabolism process and increase storage of fat.


Remember to avoid the plan that recommending the use of laxative and any other diet pills what should be strongly avoided as they are being often considered as dangerous, fruitless and just waste of money.


So if you are planning to shed some weight this time and trying to go with that plan, consulting with a health professional may add some advantage to your journey. As you are not quite familiar with the things to do to get the optimal result, so consulting a health professional may help you find the best diet for you. Comparing to a long-term healthy eating pattern to short term it is always better establishing a long-term one. Thought it is a matter of great passion to hold on with the long-term plan, it may bring you some permanent output through healthy eating habit and planned workouts.