How do You Lose 3 Pounds a Week?



If you are trying to make a revolution by dropping some weight from your body in 3 weeks it may sound like a fantasy! However, the attempt seems like a bit harder but not fruitless at all. Though there are too many methods that claim to be healthier at losing weight but employing all of them even make you crazy sometimes. So stop following all of them that may even found unsuitable except what suits you best. Whichever method you take, it should realistic of course. Try to stick with it until it seems effortless to you.


Moreover, obviously, you need not follow any crashing diet and lift up extremes workouts. Just watching the amount of calorie, you need daily to lose nearly 3 pounds per week, which depends on your usual calorie intake.


Here I will try to share you some key factors that may bring you an impressive amount of weight loss.


Drink H20


You don't have to cut out natural juices and things like that completely, but water doesn't have any calories, it keeps your body hydrated, and it quenches your thirst better than anything else. You’ll get rid of water weight and improve your metabolism.


Let the pure drinking water be your first choice while you are on the way to rapid weight loss program. Try to take it as a substitute for soda or any other energy drinks, which are always threatening for you. You can also try some smoothies and fruits juice or some natural juices for getting a new flavor. As it has no calorie, so drinking enough water regularly can keep you more hydrate and satisfy your thirst as well.


Choose Your Carbs


We need carbohydrates to function our body properly without having enough carbohydrates your weight loss program may not be healthy enough. So instead of avoiding it at all you better find it from some other source of it like fresh veggies, whole grain bread and pasta rather going for refined sugar, white bread and some other high carbs source. If you can continue with it I think you may get your daily portion from it. That is why try to keep your carbs in check always to get ultimate result.


Stop Salting Much of Your Foods


Stop salting too much over your foods. As we know, eating too much salt causes increasing water weight. Try to skip all kind of heavily processed foods that contain too much salt. Anyways, if you have much interest in eating so many spices than go for substitute of it.


Stop Eating Too Much Sugar


Eating sugar-free drinks or foods a bit harder always for us, as they are so available in our surroundings. Having too many sugared foods may pave the way of some physical complexities such as– increasing excess fats, increasing blood sugar so on in our body. Don’t need to skip it at all, better have a regular check-in sugar intake. Make an alternative to it, which are not that, much sugary.


Minimizing Consumption of Junk Foods


Junk food is considered as worst thing while you’re controlling your weight gain. Honestly speaking there almost no nutritional benefit in this kind of food but make feel lazier or not even make you motivated to go for any sort of physical workouts. Some culprits are always there in junks foods these are like-trans-fats, MSG, hydrogenated oils and other which are always on your way to weight loss program. Maybe it is a bit harder to skip it at all, as it is more available in front of our eyes, but try as much as you can for your better progress.


Checking Calorie Consumption


Though there is so many advice found available when you come to count your calorie intake for losing weight, here my recommendation is not doing that type of extreme anymore. First, all of you need to make sure that how many calories you need for your daily diet. And is it really can fulfill your requirement for vitamins, Minerals and nutrients? Now come to the point that what you are taking is the exact amount of calorie that comes from your diet? If not then this will also teach you how many calories, you exactly need for your daily consumption or make better choices. For examples-


From it, you can learn what high caloric foods to give up in favor of lean protein and healthy carbohydrates. One thing always keeps in mind that never consume less than 1200 calorie per day. Because too much conservativeness will bring harm than doing well instead.


The most important thing for losing weight is to try to burn more calorie than you consume every day. So going for some workouts or for long jogging or a regular cycling is essential for bringing best result in calorie burning. By keeping your heart pumping always can help you find it easier.


Going for a Walk Regularly


A regular walking is considered the most natural fat burning way. Without changing anything in your lifestyle, you may burn some remarkable pounds from your body only going for a regular walk every day in the sunshine. Not too fast or not that kind of slow at all, just keep walking for nearly an hour every day maintaining a moderate pace. I Hope it will benefit you much if you can continue with it.


Impact of Sound Sleep


Along with right diet and exercises, a sound sleep can also help you to get there in your target zone. If you can make sure that you have slept well then you can make better choices for eating healthier foods and doing the exercises, you need may be a boost to lose weight. Say, if you want to sleep a bit more then go to bed 30-40 minutes earlier and wake up 20-30 later, in that case, you may feel the differences. A perfect sleeping is enough to change your bad mood to a good one.


In essence, if you try to make that revolution then try to bring above things into your regular routine. In fact, it is really tough to drop off 3 pounds in a week. Think without any miracle that is almost impossible but continuing with these above-mentioned factors can make your way to losing weight smoother. As nothing change overnight, so be passionate about it, it will help you get that ultimate result.