Housework to Lose Weight



In in this busy life, we get very rare time to go for any workout or hitting to a gym too often. But when it comes to losing your weight then you are bound to keep sometimes out of doing these things. But there is always a chance to do some workouts at your home without leaving you leaving home. All you need is just to turn your household chores into a workout.


In Britain, women spend nearly 16 hours per week cleaning their home, which is nearly equivalent to 2-hour and 23-minutes per day. So it may be easy to make your household chores turn into daily workout by spending nearly two and half hour in doing these.


If you can continue with that then, why should you take the extra headache of going to the gym, outdoor workouts etc. Just make your housework as a weight loss weapon.


The Way Housework Helps in Losing Weight


If you want to lose your weight somewhat then you will find housework as a very helpful option for you. Doing housework, you can definitely burn some calories from your body. Therefore, giving more effort in household chores, you can extract some benefit from doing some sorts of work like polishing, mopping, and sweeping you can keep your arms shapely. You need to bend and stretch you parts of the body to the jobs like making the bed, doing the laundry, washing windows, wiping floor all these things are very helpful for keeping your thigh toned as well as improving flexibility. Going up and down the stair for several times daily is very effective for burning some calorie.


On the other side, there is also some housework available, which requires much energy to doing these types of chores like- spring-cleaning, decorating you can also burn huge number calorie still staying at the home.


Working in the garden by digging, weeding, mowing the lawn, trimming fences, bushes, seeping up etc. are good to keep your muscle toned as well as burning more calorie.


Let’s see how different housework help you burn number of calories per hour.


There is a survey done on a thirty–seven year old woman who is 5 feet 5 inches tall having 12 stone with her. Here given some activities of that woman based on an hour.


  • By walking an hour at a moderate pace, help you burn nearly 287 calories.
  • You can approximately burn 193.7 calories by Hovering per hour.
  • By dusting you can also burn nearly 173.6 calories per hour
  • By Painting, Inside Projects, you can also burn nearly 66 calories per hour.
  • From an hour of gardening, weeding help, you burn around 287.8 calories.
  • By mopping floors you may able to burn approximately 193.7 calories per hour
  •  Washing car requires you to burn nearly 234 calories.
  • Windows at home need may require nearly 180.3 calories from you to burn for cleaning it per hour.           
  • You may need to burn approximately 113.1 calories behind doing your cloths laundry.
  • Wallpapering per hour needs to burn nearly 133.2 calories.
  • By Chopping Wood for  an hour help you burn  nearly 415.5 calories
  • If you walk up & down stairs in moderation help, you burn around 516.3 calories per hour.


But if you possess more weight comparing to this woman then there is a possibility for you to lose more weight and vice versa.


In essence, by doing housework on your own can give you a weight loss boost. Other than, going out for outdoor workouts or hitting to gym you may be able to burn some calorie still staying at home by doing household chores. Remember, it is not everything to shed your weight but can give you a hand on the way to your journey of losing weight.