Can You Lose Weight by Playing Tennis?



In the modern civilized world, it is a very common scenario among many people who are trying to keep themselves fit and healthy in competing with the pace of time. As days are passing people are being engaged in different types of activities to get a sustainable solution in controlling their weight. Many of them often try to make a revolution in losing weight. For example –suddenly stopping the favorite takeaways, start hitting to a gym, spending hours on the treadmill etc. But, it is very rarely seen that they go continue with all these things till the final outcome come. And become very frustrated sometimes.


By the way, you will be glad enough hearing that there are so many alternatives still available that can help you to lose your weight. To lose or control your weight all you need is to make a calorie deficit. By eating fewer calorie than you burn daily can help you make a calorie deficit. Playing tennis can be one the best solution to help you lose weight. If you have yet not tried tennis as a weight loss weapon, try immediately and see what the significant things it can bring to you. Playing tennis r regularly can help you to keep yourself fit both in psychologically and physically.


Let’s see how tennis give you a weight loss solution


Earlier in this article, I have mentioned that weight loss is completely related to a calorie deficit. So you can make calorie deficit in any way than you may be able to lose your weight to some extent. Playing tennis two-three times per week can help you burn some calorie what can lead you to make a calorie deficit. And calorie deficit helps you to lose weight. It requires a substantial amount of energy as it is full of anaerobic skills like-agility, speed, a combination of high aerobic movements hour of a single game of tennis can help you burn nearly 600 calories comparing to other aerobics or cycling. Depending on your present health condition and weight, playing tennis for 3 hours long games per week can help your burn nearly 1800 extra calorie in a week. Moreover, playing tennis continuously along with a healthy eating habit can help you go on your way to losing weight smoothly almost in no time. As a high-impact and intense aerobic activity, it will make you move different ways. Every time you are running and returning to the ball you are burning calories. These movements are very effective for losing your weight.


Other Benefits


You will be amazed thinking that how wonderfully tennis help you burn calories comparing to others tennis you can play either one to one game or in a team of two members which is known as double. Apart from helping in burning calories, tennis has also other multiple benefits for your body. It helps to improve hand-eye coordination as well as developing muscles required to stop, start and sideways movements. While playing tennis, you have to react to opponent very fast which helps to improve your agility and time of reaction as well. It also helps to tone your body muscle. Whenever you run, lung and hit the ball, you are managing to strengthen your legs, abs, glutes, arms, shoulders, back and muscles of chest. It also increase the cardiovascular capacity that helps you engage in other different aerobic workouts without being exhausted very soon.


Importance of calorie understanding to help in losing weight


To keep yourself on the track to lose weight by playing tennis you need to understand the number of calories you burn from an hour of playing tennis. Otherwise, it would be difficult for you to stay on the weight loss track. Understanding, this, will help you lose your weight, gain it or keep present weight. Losing 1-2 lbs. weight per week is considered to be healthy weight loss. It may be possible to get there if you can burn 500-1000 calories per day. Combining with other activities you can use the number of calories you burn from an hour of playing tennis to fix a specific target for each day. And it wise be to keep yourself on the weight loss track.


What study found in?


In a study shown below how playing tennis helps to lose your weight.


According to health status, a person weighing 150 lbs. can burn nearly 288 calories per hour from doubles tennis and 414 calories per hour from singles tennis. Whereas, a person weighing 190 lbs. can burn nearly 365 calories per hour from doubles tennis and 524 calories per hour from single tennis.


In short, if you are cordially awaiting a new exercise that can give a new inspiration in weight loss process then, why not you shooting for playing tennis? It may help your weight loss plan go a bit further. Playing tennis along with healthy diet can help you maintain a perfect weight.