Basal Metabolic Rate



Dear readers, you may already know that to help all processes of our body go well, metabolism plays a vital role here. However, I would like to discuss an important issue on a basal metabolic rate in short (BMR) titled above. What is the basal metabolic rate or BMR? What is the connection of BMR with weight loss etc.?


The way a person burn calories during the resting time only by the basic functions is basically termed as basal metabolic rate or BMR. These basic functions are likely-blood circulation, inhaling –exhaling, heart, brain and lungs functioning, cell production, the process of nutrients, transportation of ion, protein synthesis, kidneys, muscles, sex, skin, liver functioning, to control body temperature, for contraction of muscle etc need energy or calories to function. That means the number of calories burnt or expended by the basic life-sustaining organs while you are on a full rest or in an unbiased environment is BMR. The term unbiased environment means while your digestive system remains inactive. Your digestive system may take half a day to be inactive. So, how much calories you can burn during at full rest by the regular activity of basic organs of your body is BMR or basal metabolic rate.


Does Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Fluctuate or Increase Decrease?


Yes, basal metabolic rate increase and decrease. Basal metabolic rate decreases with the increase of the age and the decrease of the lean body mass.


BMR or basal metabolic rate, On the other hand, increases while there is an increase in muscle mass. That means, increasing muscle mass causes an increase in BMR or basal metabolic rate. Therefore, the increase and decrease of BMR depend on various factors. The general percentage of increase and decrease may vary individuals to individuals. It could be high sometimes.


The Way You Can Calculate Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)


Calculating BMR is very useful if you wish to lose your weight to some extent. But the question is how to calculate BMR? Normally, you can find it out in three different ways. You can either calculate your BMR with the help of a formula developed by scientists or going for a lab test or by using a BMR calculator available online. Maybe neither of them as perfect in giving you the exact result, yet lab test may be best among all three somewhat. Due to cost factor of the lab, most of the dieters don’t show interest in lab test but in other two way of determining BMR.


To calculate BMR along with the addition of your daily activity using an online calculator, you need to put your age, height, weight, there. Then you will able to know how many calories you are expanding every day.


Using the equation, On the other hand, developed by Harris-Benedict you may also able to find your basal metabolic rate or BMR.


There are two equations, one is for male and another is for female.


  • BMR (For male) = 88.362 + (13.397 x weight in kilograms) + (4.799 x height in centimeters) - (5.677 x age)
  • BMR(For female) = 447.593 + (9.247 x weight in kilograms) + (3.098 x height in centimeters) - (4.330 x age)


Thus, using one of the criteria of finding BMR or basal metabolic rate you may be able to find it out. Therefore, finding BMR is very important for following a healthy weight zone.


BMR and Weight Management


To stay healthy one must need to be very careful about his body weight. As you know, excessive body weight than the ideal one may have some negative impacts on your health. Therefore, even it triggers various threatening diseases chance of heart attack, stroke etc. Anyways, what is the relationship of BMR with weight management?


The basal metabolic rate has a great influence in affecting the calorie-burning rate of an individual. Because of it, there is either increase, decrease or no change in current weight may occur. So, it is important to know how much it is contributing to burning calories of an individual. Nearly 60 to 70 percent of daily total calories are burnt by basal metabolic rate (BMR). Moreover, understanding or using BMI can help you figure out the number of calories you burn in total every day. As you know, burning more calories than the amount of consumption help to make calorie deficit, which results lose in weight gain. So to avoid abnormal weight gain you can use BMR.


In fine, you may notice in many weight loss program they talk or write about BMR of basal metabolic rate. So having an idea of basal metabolic rate may help you to maintain a healthy weight to some extent. As a human being, we have life, so to keep our health alive there some functions always are on in our body. These are called most basic functions of the human body mentioned some of the earlier in this article. So to function all these basic organs how many numbers of calories you need to burn daily is BMR or basal metabolic rate which is very important for the dieters who long for a healthy weight.