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Birdem General Hospital, the only specialized hospital for the treatment of innumerable Diabetic patients of the country was officially established in 1989 as a result of an entirely private enterprise.

This extra ordinary hospital is located to the East of  Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University(BSMMU), to the West of the famous Dhaka Club and just at the East-North corner of  Shahbag circle; it stands alongside to the South of the National Broadcasting Authority building.

This hospital is comprised of three multi-storied buildings. There are a 5 storied building in the middle, a 16 storied building on the North side and an 8 storied building on the South side. There are a number of West-facing entrances including the main gate to enter into the building. Each building also has adequate number of lifts.

This hospital has internal and outer patients’ treatment systems. For primary detection of Diabetes, first, patients have to collect tickets at a fixed price from the available counters situated on the South side of the middle building; simultaneously they have to collect test tubes and boxes and  fill them up with the sample of their stool and urine going inside any one of the toilets standing in a row; then they have to submit these samples to a certain room and receive the reports on the due date; the next procedure is to collect ‘History book’  and ‘ID card’ from the hospital authority and take the next steps for proper treatment accordingly.

A patient can get admitted into the hospital after considering the situation of his/her disease based upon the concerned doctor’s advice. Besides, this hospital has a wide reputation as a very reliable centre for the treatments of patients who have Diabetes, heart disease or eye disease.

There is an Information Centre in the hospital for any kind of inquiries. You can also collect necessary information through telephone; dial 8616641 for this purpose. There is a Blood Bank beside the stair of the first floor of the Outer Department of the hospital. If you need blood, you have to contact at the Emergency Department; according to their instruction, you have to go to the blood bank; here, you can buy blood if your required Blood group is available; the price is not same for all groups. Besides, you can manage blood instantly if you can manage a donor.

There are chambers of Specialist doctors for 11 diseases in this hospital. These chambers are situated on the first floor of the South side building.

There are a number of medicine shops inside the hospital which remain open for 24 hours.

300 trained nurses and 45 doctors work in this hospital.

There are 103 cabins and 747 ward-based seats in this hospital. The seat rent in the wards is tk850/day while the cabin rent ranges from tk1000-tk1500.


Surgical Operation facilities for complicated diseases: 

  • Open heart surgery
  • Bypass surgery
  • Kidney transplantation
  • Valve replacement
  • Uratory lithotomy
  • Gastro stromy
  • Hematology
  • General surgery
  • Urology
  • Laparoscopy


Some common surgical operations and expense:

Name of disease






Kidney stones


Gall bladder stones





Ambulance facility:

There are total 9 ambulances in this hospital. For getting the ambulance service, first, you have to inform to the Emergency Department; then they will arrange the ambulance after prior approval of the supervising doctor and with some other conditions.

Contact phone no. : 8616641

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