Litu Anam

Litu Anam is a very talented actor of the television industry. His home district is Thakurgaon. His wife Hridi Haque is also an actress and director as well as.


Early Life:

Litu Anam started acting at his early age since primary school. Tagor's Famous story "Chhuti" was performed in his neighborhood when he was on grade two and he acted the roll of the most evil boy of the class called "Pochu" and won the first prize. Even though he appeared for a very short time on the stage like a shooting star in the sky but his good performance grabbed audience' attention and inspired him to become the Star today.



Litu Anam has acted approximately in 3000 television dramas including 10 to 15 mega serials. He also acted in some Bangladeshi films.

In 1980, he acted the center character of a story “Ora Kadam Ali” by Mamunur Rashid in a group “Shaplakurir Ashor”. Litu Anam got applauded for his extra ordinary performance in that show again. In 1983 he took an initiative to organize regular stage show in Thakurgaon instead of making it free and only once a year. Around 1985-1986, he opened a group theater and used to do directing, acting and interior decorating on state all by himself.

He came to Dhaka in 1989 and joined “Dacca Theatre”; then performed his Ist stage show “Bhuut” directed by Humayun Faridi in 1991. His first TV Drama “Dure Kothao” went on air on 1998, it was a patriotic story by Panna Kaysar and directed by Mohon Khan.



  • Aadhiyar
  • Ekattorer Jishu
  • Nirontor
  • Nondito Noroke
  • Mather Mastar
  • Chor o Vogoban


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