Amal Bose

Amol Bose played in different roles both on small and big screens. Born in 1943 at Boalmari, Faridpur, Amolendy Basu aka Amol Bose acted in theater, TV and Films.

Bose, who started his career as a regular artist in Bangladesh Television back in sixties, performed in many dramas, films and documentaries. “Raja Sonnasi” is the first movie in which he appeared. He has done more than 100 movies.

He gained huge popularity for his role as 'Mahishashur' in the Durga Puja special TV plays and later sarcastic character as 'Nana-Natee' in the TV show Ityadi. His mentionable appearances in movies are in “ Mahua”, “Nil Akasher Niche”, “Sonali Akash”, “Rangin Gunai Bibi”, “Chandan Dip er Rajkonna”, “Rajlakxmi Shrikanto” and “Hason Raja”. Besides acting movie he has also directed a movie. Bose's only directed feature film is 'Keno Emon Hoye' in 70s. He was honored with a National Award for his work in the movie Ajker Protibad. In his professional life, Bose served as a senior officer in Jute Mills Corporation. He went to retirement in 1995.


Amol Bose was known as various nicks in the industry, such as Amolendu Biswas, Amol da or Amol Bose. He acted in several films. Most of his characters of the films were negative. Besides that, people know him as ‘Nana’, for acting in the famous magazine program ‘Ittyadi’ at Nana-Nati short drama. He gained a huge amount of popularity through this Ittyadi.



Amol Bose was born in 1943 at Boalmari in Faridpur district.



On 23 January, 2012, this talented acting magician passed away.



  • Kusum Kusum Prem (2011)
  • Wrong Number (2004)
  • Bhalobasha Karey Koy (2002)
  • Shwashurbari Zindabad (2002)
  • Eri Naam Dosti: Ties Never Die (2001)
  • Mayer Samman (2001)
  • Milon Hobe Koto Dine (2001)
  • Biyer Phul (1999)
  • Kajer Meye (1999)
  • Tomar Jonno Pagol (1999)
  • Unknowingly (1996)


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