Bashundhara City Complex

Bashundhara City Shopping Mall, the largest and most mordern shopping complex of Bangladesh was established by Bashundhara City Development Ltd. on 4th August 2004.



Bashundhara City Shopping Mall is located at Panthopath in Dhaka; first, go to the “SAARC Fountain”  circle at Hotel Sonargaon turning, then turn west of the fountain and on the north side of the street is the complex.   


Opening and Closing hour :

Shopping mall-level-1-7, remains open from 10.00 a.m till 8.00 p.m

Star Cineplex-level 2-4, remains open from 10.00 a.m till 10.00 p.m.


Weekly holiday:

Only the market is closed full day on Tuesday and half day (till 02.00p.m) on Wednesday. Star Cineplex remains open every day including holidays.



Bashundhara City Shopping Mall

13/KA/1, Panthapath


Phone : 8158033-38 & 8158623

Fax: +88-02-9135434


E-mail: [email protected]



At present, the complex has no branches.


Air-conditioning system:

The complex is centrally air-conditioned.


Lift & Escalators:

There are lifts and escalators in Bashundhara City Shopping Mall.

Total nos. of lifts: 23, Box lift-19 nos. and Capsule lift-4 nos.

Total nos. of escalators-1.


Parking facility:

The complex has its own parking system. It has 2 basement parking lots. It is an automated car parking system. Total 2500 vehicles can take place at a time.


Fire Extinguishing system & Fire Exit:

  • Fire Extinguishers.
  • Co2- Carbon-di-oxide
  • 50 members fire fighting team.
  • Other equipments.

Besides, there is emergency fire exit; 4 nos. for each floor.


Management Committee:

The complex is under supervision of Bashundhara City Management Ltd. and Bashundhara City Development Ltd.


Security system:

  • The Complex has its own security system having 450 security personnel.
  • C.C. Camera on each floor.
  • Archway metal detectors.
  • Dog squad for special cases.


Food Court:

The food court of Bashundhara City Shopping mall is located on level-8. Besides, you can get fast foods on every floor. All types of fast foods and snacks including Bangla and Chinese cuisine are served here; 15% vat and service charge applicable with the food bill. There is also a music corner only for the customers of the food court. Live music Programs are arranged here every evening where various singers perform.


Tickets & Show time at Cineplex:

Star Cineplex is on the level-8 of Bashundhara City Shopping Mall. There are 3 halls. Each hall has around 250 seats. The Cineplex remains open every day from 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. The ticket counters are in the right side of the Cineplex. Prices of the tickets are:

Premium – tk 200/person

Regular- tk 150/person


There are fast food shops inside the Cineplex.


Weekly and Daily show time:





Evn. 1

Evn. 2


11.00 a.m.

01.45 p.m.

03.15 p.m.

04.30 p.m.

07.15 p.m.


10.50 a.m.

01.00 p.m.

03.15 p.m.

05.25 p.m.

07.30 p.m.


11.15 a.m.

01.15 p.m.

03.15 p.m.

04.00 p.m.

07.30 p.m.


11.00 a.m.

01.45 p.m.

03.15 p.m.

04.30 p.m.

07.15 p.m.


10.50 a.m.

01.00 p.m.

03.15 p.m.

05.25 p.m.

07.30 p.m.


11.15 a.m.

01.15 p.m.

03.15 p.m.

04.30 p.m.

07.30 p.m.


11.00 a.m.

01.45 p.m.

03.15 p.m.

04.00 p.m.

07.30 p.m.


Weekly movie chart is available in Star Cineplex. Brief descriptions of the movies and time schedules can be found in the chart. Cinemas are shown in 3 halls according to this chart.


Star Cineplex Contact:

Contact phone no. 9138260, 9134098



Gymnasium/Health Club:

There are gymnasiums on level 9 and level-10 of the shopping mall; separate arrangements for ladies and gents. The name of this private gymnasium is the “Gold Gym”.

  • for gents- level 9
  • for ladies- level-10
  • Swimming pool.
  • Change room
  • Fitness club & others.


You will get all kinds of facilities in this most modern Gold Gym.


Super Shop:

Almas Super Shop


Other facilities in the shopping complex:

There is a “Care & Clean Department” in the complex for customer’s convenience and maintaining its outlook and cleanliness. A large team of 300 male and female personnel has been formed for this purpose.


There is a studio of ATN Bangla on level 8.


Customer Care:

Grameen Phone, Robi, Airtel, Citycell, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson etc.


Advertisement Department:

Kaler Kontho, Daily Sun, Bangladesh Protidin, and a few others.


Raffle Draw:

There is a seasonal raffle draw system every year. 2 raffle draws in 2 seasons;1 in Eid-ul-Fitr and 1 in Eid-ul-Azha.


You can collect 1 coupon purchasing commodities worth minimum tk 200/-. One can collect maximum 10 coupons. Attractive prizes including motor cars, motor-cycles etc. are given to the winners after the draw is completed.


Dental Clinic:

There is a dental clinic at level-5


Share Exchange:

You can buy and exchange shares at level-5.



There is a yearly discount system. Every year discount price declared during May-June period.


Brand Shops:

Different brands have their showrooms in Bashundhara City Shopping Mall. Some of these brands are Almas, Richman, Pride, Cat’s Eye, Ecstasy, Mone Rekh Sarees, Jyoti Sarees, Rupam Sarees, Scorpion, Sultana Jewelers, Aapon jewelers, Extreme, Kid’s Corner, Amin jewelers, Sagorika, Fashion Corner, Samsung, L.G. Monsoon Rain, Apex etc.


Self Power Generating System:

The complex does not have its own electricity supply system. It is powered by National Grid. But it has instant generators.


Toilet and Others:

Each floor has separate toilets for ladies and gents at three different corners. These toilets have modern fittings and equipments.


Outside Environment:

Outside the complex there are a spacious ground, a lawn surrounded by green trees and a fountain. Just in front, there are passages for vehicles and passers-by. Bashundhara Corporate office is located at one side of this area.


Convention Centre:

Not available at present.


Conference Centre:

Not available at present.


Chain shop/One shop:

You can buy various flowers, show-pieces, belts, money bags, watches, flower bundles, ornaments, cosmetics and other necessary items in the well decorated chain shops.


Yearly special discount/ prizes and raffle draw of the shopping mall:

According to an official order by the authority, all commodities have to be sold at fixed prices from 1st January 2011. And it is announced as well that the yearly discount should be declared during the period of May-June. Raffle draws are arranged in every Eid festival; quality prizes are given to the winners. You can collect 1 coupon purchasing commodities worth minimum tk 200 and one person can collect maximum 10 coupons.


Indoor and Outdoor Games facilities:

There are indoor and outdoor games facilities for children’s fun and amusement. At level-8 There is the ‘Toggy World’ for children under 2 years of age; entry fee is tk 50/-. There are pool zone and different games for adults too.


Foreign money exchange, ATM Booth and Banking facilities:

You will find foreign money exchange, ATM Booth and Banking facilities at level-1. There are money exchange and ATM booths of Dutch Bangla Bank, Brac Bank and Standard Chartered Bank.


Bank service:

Social Investment Bank is located at level-2 while at level-3 there is a branch of Mutual Trust Bank.


Payment system-Cash/Credit/Visa:

Most of the showrooms of the shopping mall receive payments by cash/Cradit/Visa Card.


Location of the corporate office:

The Corporate office of Bashundhara City Department limited is located beside the shopping mall. Head offices of all Bashundhara concerns are situated in this place.


Why people come to the shopping mall? :

In these days of mechanization people want some relief. Visiting all attractions of Dhaka city needs a very little amount of time. So inhabitants of this city get bored very soon. People come to Bashundhara shoppping mall not only for shopping, but also for entertainment and various  other less important activities like enjoying cinema, Toggy world, poolzone, games, spending time at food court and enjoying music etc.


People who come frequently:

People from all spheres of life come here. Gathering of the Romeo heroes at the food court is a common scenario.


Nos. of shops on a single floor:

There are around 380 shops on each floor while the total number of shops in the complex is 2700.


Miscellaneous facts:

The mall has a “Care and clean” department of its own. 300 male and female personnel are engaged in maintaining the cleanliness. The complex has individual departments for every individual work; for example, Mechanical department, Security department, Technical department etc.  


When more crowded:

The complex becomes much more crowded during the seasonal occasions like Eid-ul-Fir, Eid-ul Azha, Hindu religious worship ceremonies, Pohela Boishakh (1st day of the Bangla year) etc. Besides, normally lots of people gather on Fridays. And on govt. holidays and special days crowd is always much.

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