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ICDDRB started its operation in 1960. It is engaged in treatment and research of diseases like Cholera and Diarrhoea. Total 88 physicians give treatments to the patients. Beside treatment, ICDDRB has its own diagnostic centre and blood bank. This centre does not provide treatment to the outside patients; it does not have any provision for surgery as well. First, patients have to go to the ‘Emergency’; in the emergency, the physician checks the patient and decides whether the patient needs to get admitted or not. You do not have to pay anything for getting treatment in ICDDRB; everything is free during your treatment period in this hospital.


Address and Location:

ICDDRB is located 200 yards ahead of the Mohakhali Kancha Bazar on way to the Bus Terminal; it stands at the left hand side of the street.

Ph: 8806523-32, 8823116, 9899067(Emergency)

Faz: 8819133



Diagnosis facility:

ICDDRB has its own diagnostic centre; a patient can accomplish his/her necessary diagnosis at a very cheap rate.


Blood Bank:

ICDDRB has its own full-fledged blood bank from the beginning of its establishment. The blood bank is located on the 1st floor. Blood is available here only for in-house patients.


Ambulance service:

ICDDRB has a fleet of 8 ambulances. The ambulances are used only for carrying the in-house patients to any other hospitals or clinics.


Miscellaneous:his organization has a monthly publication named ‘Sastho Barta’

  • There is a ‘Day Care Centre’ for looking after the children (1-5) of the employees of this organization.
  • There is a medicine shop in the hospital premises which remains open 24/7.
  • As an International organization, ICDDRB has a very strong security system. It also has a very modern fire fighting arrangement. A fire fighting trial is arranged once a year.
  • It has a small parking zone that can accommodate 30-35 cars at a time.
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