Hossaini Dalan


Dhaka is a wonderful city for roaming around. There are a lot of attractive places where you can spend your leisure with your near and dear ones. Some of Dhaka’s most attractive visiting places are briefly described below:




Hossaini Dalan

The Shia Muslim community constructed the building(dalan) to commemorate and show repentance for the brutal killing of Imam Hossain(RM), the beloved grandson of the Prophet Mohammad(SM), which happened at Karbala in Iraq around 450 years ago. The Shia community established the Imambara Hossaini Dalan in 1891; afterwards, it has been renovated in 2004. This attractive building stands over Nimtoli and Chankharpul areas of Old Dhaka. If you visit the place you must feel the peaceful serenity and silence of the area.

The exact location of Hossaini Dalan is: 30/1, Hossaini Dalan Road, Lalbag, Dhaka


Visiting Hour:

The place is open for all everyday from 7a.m. to 10p.m; no entry fee required.

Attractive Establishments:

  • The main attraction of this complex is the Imambara, i.e. the Hossaini Dalan. It was built imitating the design of the Holy Shrine of Imam Hossain(RM); men and women of all ages visit the place to see this structure.
  • Another attraction of this complex is the Imambara Pond. There are various fishes on the pond that attract people.
  • Imambara Graveyard is another place which is usually not skipped by the visitors.


Prayer’s Hall:

There is a prayer hall in Hossaini Dalan where men and women can pray separately.


Toilets and Ablution room:

There are separate toilets and ablution rooms for Ladies and Gents.



Here, security arrangement is very good. Three armed guards are engaged to assure safety of the visitors and the establishment.


Shoe keeper:

Visitors have to put their shoes off before entering into Hossaini Dalan. Normally you have to take care of your shoes on your own. But during the rush of Moharram festival the management committee engages some volunteers for keeping your shoes safe. You have to leave your shoes to their custody paying tk5/pair and take a token for getting the shoes back when your visit is finished.


Supervising Authority:

The establishment is under supervision of the following persons and institutions:

  • Dhaka City Corporation
  • The District Magistrate
  • Hossaini Dalan Ponchayet Committee
  • Imamabara Management Committee
  • Shia Anjumane Hossaini


Book Shops:

There are 2 book shops in the complex; religious books are sold here.




Dhanmondi Lake

Dhanmondi lake is situated at the middle of Hazaribag, Kalabagan, Mirpur Road and Shukrabad areas of Dhaka city. The lakeside park has been thoroughly embellished after1995; some small bridges, sitting arrangements, restaurants, public toilets and some other new establishments have been constructed during this period.




Visiting Hour:

Officially the lake does not have any opening or closing hour. But usually people can stay here from 10p.m


Different Parts of the Lake Premises:

As the lake premises have huge area, its different parts have been given different names.

  • Bangabondhu Chottor(circle): There is a Bangabondhu Memorial in front of his house beside the lake. So, the surrounding place is called Bangabondhu Chattar.
  • Medinova Chottor: Medinova chottor is just beside the Medinova Hosopital. You can watch the Lake, ZahajBari, Lake bridge and a pristine environment full of greeneries from this chottor.
  • Shooting Point: Film and TV companies often shoot their programs in the lake area. But Dhanmondi4/A and its opposite side , Rabindra Shorobor, Dingi Boat Club and Dhanmondi 12/A are specially famous for shooting.
  • Zahazbari Point: Zahazbari Point is just behind the Medinova Hospital; it is a calm and quiet place for passing your leisure.
  • Dwip Chottor(Dynamic Food Court): This point is just at the middle of the lake; a restaurant named ‘Dynamic Food Court’ has been set up over there and there are two bridges on both sides for easy movement of people.
  • Lake View Side: This point is just a little ahead of Dwip Chottor. You can see the lakeside beauty and the total atmosphere of the surrounding area very clearly from this point.
  • Rabindra Shorobor(the Amphitheatre): An Amphitheatre has been built beside the lake which is called Rabindra Shorobor/ the Amphitheatre.
  • Dingy Boat Club and Café: Dingy Boat Club premises are just on the other side of Dhanmondi-8 Bridge. The restaurant over there is air conditioned. You will find paddle boats to roam on the lake. There are total 20 boats. Maximum 2 adults and 1 child can ride on a boat together. You have to pay tk100 for first 30 minutes and then tk 50 for each 15 minutes.
  • Bachelor Point: This is a point just in front of the Amphitheatre which has become very popular to the bachelors.


Angling on Dhanmondi Lake:

A social organization named ‘Amateur Angling Society’ took steps to catch, preserve and produce fishes commercially on Dhanmondi lake. Hundreds of anglers now catch fishes on the lake. New registration is stopped for the time being, but one can catch fish from 6a.m. to 6p.m. on buying a ticket worth tk1000.



The lake and its surrounding areas are secure enough; because, the DCC has engaged sufficient Ansar members for this purpose. Besides, each point is looked after by the concerned authorities; for example, Dynamic food corner area is looked after by Dynamic Food Court authority.




Bangabondhu Novo Theatre (Planetarium)

Bangabondhu Novo theatre has been inaugurated for the visitors in the year 2002. Though it looks like a 5 storied building, actually it has 3 floors. The theatre occupies 1st and 2nd floors. Total 200 people can take place in this theatre.

Address and location:

Bangabondhu Novo Theatre is standing on the South-West corner of the Bijoy Sarani(avenue). Bangladesh Military Museum stands just on the West side of the theatre.


Contact Phone nos.:9138878, 9139577, 8111134



Items of Exhibition:

2 different types of motion pictures are shown in this theatre. The 1st one is “A Journey to Infinity” and the 2nd one is “Ei Amar Bangladesh (This is My Bangladesh)”. The 1st picture shows the details of the Outer Space, the Sun and the Planets while the 2nd one depicts the Nature, Tradition and Rural Life of Bangladesh.



  • Foods are not allowed inside the theatre.
  • Taking photographs and igniting lights are strictly prohibited during show time.
  • Nobody is allowed to enter inside while the show is going on.


Price of Tickets:

There are 4 ticket counters in front of the theatre; 2 on the East side and 2 on the West side.

Price of a ticket is tk50; children under 2 have free entrance.

There is a special ride inside the theatre which is called the ‘Simulator Ride’; you have to collect a ticket worth tk5 for enjoying this 5-minute ride.

Sale of tickets starts before 1 hour of the show time.


Regular Show Time:

Saturday to Thursday: 11.00 AM, 1.00 PM, 3.00 PM, 5.00 PM

Friday                        : 10.00 AM, 3.00 PM, 5.00 PM, 7.00 PM

Closed                       : Wednesday


Special Show Time for the Month of Ramadan: 

Saturday to Thursday: 10.00 AM, 12.00 PM, 2.00 PM

Friday                      : 9.00 AM, 11.00 AM, 2.30 PM

Closed                     : Wednesday

The theatre remains closed on all Govt. holidays.



The theatre has underground parking system. Parking charges are as follows:





Toilet Facility:

There are separate toilets on the West side of the ground floor of the theatre; 8 for Ladies and 8 for Gents.


Security and Fire Safety:

Bangabondhu Novo Theatre has sufficient security people, equipments and fire safety arrangements.

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