Little River Band (LRB)

Band Music has occupied a special place among the young boys and girls of the present age. This medium of entertainment has also been specially accepted by the mass people of the country through its creative works every now and then. And Mr.Ayub Bacchu is one of those few persons who have made very special contributions for making this Band music acceptable to all. He is one of the Prime pioneers of the band music of the country. He has obtained the topmost position in the hearts of most of the young people of the country as their favorite Band musician for his creative music that are full of love, separation and ecstasy.


Background of LRB:

“Sei tumi keno eto ochena hole”, Meye tumi ki dukkho cheno..cheno na”, “haste dekho…gaite dekho..”, “Ferary mon”-creator of such huge popular songs, chief of LRB band group Mr. Ayub Bacchu worked for a span of time with Band group “SOULS” . Afterwards, he got out from “SOULS” and formed LRB band group with his own initiative. From that moment LRB overcame a lot of drawbacks and could make its own position in the hearts of millions of music lovers even going beyond the boundary of the country by its gorgeous musical performance.


Address and Contact:

Office: 111, Boro Mogbazar, Dhaka-1217

Ph:9330677, 01973020840

Manager: Mr. Shamim Ahmed,

Member in charge: Mr. Abdullah al Mamun

Cell:01711614861, 01712707901

E mail: [email protected]



Lead Vocal and Other Members:

This very popular Band of the  country consists of 5 members. Among them, Mr. Ayub Bacchu himself play the role of Lead Vocal; he is the lead Guitarist as well.Besides, other performers are-      Base Guitar: Md.Saidul Hasan Swapan

            Lead Guitar/ Background Vocal: Mr. Abdullah Al Masud

            Drums: Romel


Advance Booking & Others:If you want to hire this Band group for performing in any concert, you have to contact at least one month prior to the date of the program and pay 100% of their honorarium in advance.


For Booking:    

For booking, please contact at:

Ph: 9330677, 01973020840

Manager: Mr. Shamim Ahmed

Member in charge: Mr. Abdullah al Mamun

Cell:01711614861, 01712707901

E mail: [email protected], [email protected]

It is worth mentioning that, this group do not perform in any personal/family programs.


Required arrangements in the Concert place:

  • Green Room
  • Food
  • Mineral water
  • Sufficient arrangement of lighting
  • Security
  • Spacious Stage



This Band group has their own studio having 1500sq.ft area. Different organizations or Band groups can hire it. This well equipped studio is suitable for music recording, practice, editing, sound design and other music related activities. Its location is 111, Boro Mogbazar, Dhaka-1217

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